Name that Murmur
Developmental Milestones
This is the drug of choice for group A beta hemolytic streptococcus infection.
What is PCN. Duration of treatment is for 10 days unless using IM benzathine PCN used x 1 for nonadherent patients.
At 6 months of age, this vaccine can be administered and requires a booster 1 month later. Thereafter, it is given once yearly.
What is flu vaccine.
Musical sounding that is a low frequency, vibratory, musical murmur best heard along the LMSB and LLSB. Usually a grade 1-2/6 in intensity.
What is a Still's murmur (vibratory murmur)
Age where child should be able to roll over, support on wrists and shift weight. Hand also can be brought to midline. A laugh is also noted at this age.
What is 4 months of age
Expect to see this type of anemia in a mother who only gives her child goat's milk?
What is megaloblastic anemia (lack of folate in goat's milk).
This antibiotic is used for prophylaxis when one has been exposed to a meningococcal infection.
What is rifampin
Name the 2 treatments for MMR exposure <6 months of age and > 6 months of age.
What is MMR vaccine for > 6 months of age. What is immune globulin for < 6 months of age.
A wide, fixed split s2 with a grade 2-3/6 SEM at the LUSB. May also hear a mid-diastolic rumble at the LLSB. And, if you know this murmur, 30-60% occur in which genetic syndrome?
What is ASD. Down's syndrome
The age where a child can walk alone and masters the art of jargoning. They have a mature pincer grasp and can make crayon marks.
What is 1 year of age
Patient's with ITP will have a 94-97% response rate to this method of treatment. But be sure they don't have this immunodeficiency before giving it.
What is IVIG. IgA deficient patients may develop anaphylaxis when given IVIG.
If a neonate is growing Citrobacter in the blood or CSF, make sure you order this imaging study to rule out this deadly complication.
What is MRI/CT head to look for brain abscess.
These are your 4 kindergarten shots (4-6 years of age).
What is DTap, IPV, MMR, Varicella
Grade 1-4/6 continuous machinery murmur that is loudest at the LUSB.
What is PDA (5-10% of CHD in term infants; 40-60% in preterm infants weighing less than 1500 g).
It is the age where a child should be able to tell you their name, age and gender. They can alternate feet going up steps, pedal a tricycle, and copy a circle.
What is 3 years old
Worldwide, this is the most common cause of chronic GI blood loss leading due iron deficiency anemia in children.
What is hookwork infection
This is the preferred antibiotic treatment for campylobacter gastroenteritis. And for a bonus point, campylobacter is the most common cause for which neurologic disorder??
What is azithromycin/erythromycin. Guillain-Barre syndrome.
This vaccine is safe to give even in patients with egg allergy anaphylaxis
What is MMR. (Yellow Fever = skin testing) (For influenza= contraindication).
2-3/6 SEM heard at the LUSB with radiation into the left interscapular space often seen in XO genetic population. You also may want to look for this anatomic abnormality that sometimes goes with this abnormality.
What is coarctation of the aorta. Seen often in Turner's syndrome. Look for bicuspid aortic valve.
A child of this age has mature jargoning, can build a tower of 3 blocks, run, and throw an object without falling.
What is 18 months of age
The presence of this thrombotic disorder can cause a skin necrosis in 1/3 of patients after the initiation of warfarin treatment.
What is protein C deficiency
This is the choice of treatment for a patient suspected with 0157:H7 strain of E Coli.
What is no antibiotic. Some studies have shown increase risk of HUS. No benefits from antibiotics have been proven.
Syncope has been observed after the administration of this immunization. Therefore, it is recommended to watch these patients 15 minutes after receiving the vaccine.
What is Gardasil

Systolic thrill at RUSB, suprasternal notch, and over the carotids. Which genetic syndrome involving a chromosomal deletion is associated with this murmur.

What is aortic stenosis. Supravalvular aortic stenosis is often seen in Williams syndrome which is a genetic deletion at chromosome 11. Prone to hypercalcemia.

The age where a child should be able to use a spoon or cup and walk backwards independently.
What is 15 months of age
This diagnosis presents as a pure red blood cell anemia with otherwise normal cellular marrow components. 1/3 of patients will have thumb anomalies.
What is Diamod Blackfan anemia
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