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He wrote Leviathan on political thought. He believe in that a king is absolute. He wrote The treatise of Government. He argued against the absolute of one person.
What is Hobbes and Locke
He explored the New England coastline of the Americas for England
What is John Cabot
This society of eastern Nigeria based on Independent villages were active traders
What is Ibo
They were french protestants influenced by John Calvin
What is Huguenots
He was known as the most catholic king
What is Phillip II
Christoper Columbus believed he could reach Asia by sailing what instead of what
What is west instead of east
He went around the cape and crossed around what ocean to the coast of India.
What is Vasco de Gama. Indian Ocean
She wrote poetry and prose and fought that women be educated
What is Juana Ines de la Cruz
When he was crowned king in 1594 the fighting in France stopped. He succeeded to the throne as Henry IV
What is Henry of Navarre
He was the prince of orange. His reign ended in 1598 and at the time Spain was one of the most populous empire in the world
What is William the Silent. King Philip II
He was Louis XIII chief minister. He strengtened the power of the monarchy. He took away all political and military rights while preserving religious rights.
What is Cardinal Richelieu
He was a Florentine who wrote letters about what he saw on his voyages and it described what he saw. These letters led to the use of the name America for the new lands.
What is Amerigo Vespucci
He succeeded to the throne after the death of Elizabeth Tudor died. He also believed in the Divine rights of kings.
What is James I
He made a new model army made of Puritans. The rump Parliament was made under him. They executed Charles I
What is Oliver Cromwell
He became king in 1685. He was an open devout catholic. He named Catholics to high positions in the government, army, navy, and universities
What is James II
He took over supreme power after his minister died. He was named the sun king
What is Louis XIV
An expedition led by him took control of the Incan Empire high in the Peruvian Andes
What is Francisco Pizarro
He Laid the foundation for the Prussian state.
What is Frederick the great elector
One of Michael Romanov's prominent members. He was an absolute monarch. He made a trip to the west and when he came back he wanted to Westernize Europe. What was one of his first goals
What is Peter the Great. Reorganize the army.
He was from the Island of Crete. He used elongated and contorted figures in his paintings. This person completed the st basilica painting in Rome.
What is El creco and Gian Lorenzo Bernini
Known as THIS the terrible. He is the first to receive the title czar. He expanded the territories of Russia eastward.
What is Ivan IV
This person landed in the Philippines
What is Ferdinand Magellan
He was czar after Ivan IV. He ended the time of troubles Ivan started.
What is Michael Romanov
He wrote an extraordinary number of plays. He wrote plays to please his audiences.
What is Lope de Vega
His novel Don Quixote has been hailed one of the greatest literary works of all time
What is Miguel de Cervantes.
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