Finding the Part
Finding the Total
Finding the Percent
Word Problems
25% of 16 is _____.
What is 4.
10 is 20% of what number?
What is 50?
2 out of 3 is _____%
What is 66.66%?
Of the 90 animals at the zoo, 30 were born there. What percent of the animals at the zoo were born there?
What is 33.33%?
Mary is selling Christmas bows. Each bow requires 2 1/3 feet of ribbon. If she wanted to make 6 bows, how many feet of ribbon will she need?
What is 14?
75% of 12 is _____.
What is 9?
15 is 10% of _____
What is 150?
9 out of 20 is _____%
What is 45%?
Maren was growing her hair out to donate it. It started at 16 inches long. Six months later her hair was 25% longer. How long is her hair now?
What is 20? 25% of 16 is 4. 16+4=20
Beth is making Halloween cookies for her class. If one batch of cookies requires 4 2/3 cups of flour, how much flour will she need to make 5 batches of cookies?
What is 23 1/3?
There are 50 states in the US. Sam has visited 80% of them. How many has he visited?
What is 40?
Barb sold 18 of the quilts that she made and kept the rest. If she sold 30% of her quilts, how many total quilts did she have in her inventory before selling any?
What is 60?
Susie shot a total of 20 free throws. She only made 7. What percent did she make?
What is 35%?
Steve planted a 15 inch tree in his back yard. Four months later the tree was 60% taller. How tall is the tree now?
What is 24? 60% of 15 = 9. 15 + 9 = 24.
The Sensational Six swim team wants to equally share the cost of their team gear, which is $54.30. How much will each team member pay?
What is $9.05?
60 students voted for class president. 25% voted for Maron. How many did not vote for Maron?
What is 45?
Ben is afraid or roller coasters. He attempted to ride all the roller coasters at Six Flags but only rode 24 of them. If he rode 30% of them, how many total did he attempt?
What is 80?
There are a total of 25 seats in a classroom. 19 of them are taken by students. What percent of them are empty?
What is 24%?
Ana determined that 4% of her classmates were born in Dallas. There are 275 people in her class. How many of them were not born in Dallas?
What is 264?
Marla went skydiving for the first time. She descended at a rate of 7 feet every 10 seconds. If Marla continues to descend at this rate, what integer represents how much she has descended after 2 minutes?
What is -84?
Kim has 15 pets. 60% of them are birds and the rest are cats. How many are cats?
What is 6?
Will got 42 questions on his test correct. If he made a 60% on the test, how many total questions were there?
What is 70?
Carol made 25 cookies for a bake sale. 13 of them were sugar cookies. The rest were chocolate chip. What percent were chocolate chip?
What is 48%?
Bruce Wayne determined that 6% of the people who attended the movie theater last night were from Little Elm. There were 150 people who attended the move. How many of them were not from Little Elm?
What is 141?
This summer Jose dove off a cliff at Possum Kingdom Lake into the water below. He descended at a rate of 2 feet every 3 seconds. If Jose continues to descend at this rate, what integer represents his new depth after 30 seconds?
What is -20?
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