Percent Change
Part vs Whole
I = Prt
Alyssa has her eye on a $52 coat. This weekend it is going to be marked 25% off. How much will she save?
What is $13.
A year ago Scott was 60 inches. He grew and now is 63 inches tall. What is the percent increase in his height?
What is 5%
Morgan received a 78/80 on her last test. What percent of the questions did she get right?
What is 97.5%.
Anazia deposited $150 in the bank at 5.5% for 4 years. How much did she earn in interest?
What is $33.
Brittany won 10 basketball games and lost 6. What percent did she win?
What is 62.5%.
Alex saved 20% by buying a video game when it was on sale. If his savings were $6.40, what was the regular price of the video game?
What is $32.
At the beginning of the school year, Aekta's allowance was $8/week. After working really hard all school year, her parent's decided to give her a 30% raise. How much more money does she get each week?
What is $2.40.
Sarah can spend 20% of her savings to buy a new filter. If she has $230 in savings, how much can she spend on the filter?
What is $46. (might be enough for 2:))
Sam deposited $350 into a savings account that paid 5% in simple interest. When he withdrew his money 8 months later, how much interest did he receive?
What is $11.67.
Scott earns 3% commission for furniture sales. Last month his total sales were $1440. How much commission did he earn?
What is $43.20.
Menna bought 2 filters at $14 each for Sarah and Leah. What is the amount of tax owed if the tax rate is 8%?
What is $2.24.
Mrs. Garbach's sleep total was reduced from 10 hours per night to only 6. What was the percent decrease?
What is 40%.
20% of 7th grade blue team students have been to Canada. If 23 students have been to Canada, how many students are on the Blue Team?
What is 115 students.
Stephanie borrowed $4000 from a bank the charges 8% simple interest. After 2 years she paid off the loan. What was the total amount she repaid?
What is $4640.
The 7th Grade Blue Team has 105 students. This is 15% of all the students at Martha Brown. How many students go to Martha Brown?
What is 900 students.
Donovan buys new sneakers that cost $92. If the sales tax is 8%, find the total cost for the sneakers.
What is $99.36.
Robby's total miles he ran for the week, increase from 5 miles to 14 miles, by the end of the track season. What was his percent increase?
What is 180%.
Maelys earned $52 in commission selling magazine subscriptions at Corn Hill. If this represents 8% of her total sales, how much were her sales?
What is $650.
Sophie took out a 4 year loan of $8000. The interest rate was 10½. What was the total she paid back after 4 years?
What is $11360.
Jamaira earned $4200 in commission last month. Her total sales were $120000. What was the commission rate?
What is 3.5%
Jayna is buying a new computer that cost $320. If the computer is reduced 20%, what is the sales price?
What is $256
Jenna and Ami were featured on TLC's show Extreme Couponing! While their total bill came to $246.20, they only paid $241.08. What was the percent of decrease? (round to the nearest 100th)
What is 2.08%.
Vanissa earned $4200 at 3% commission on the sale of a house. What is the total amount the house sold for?
What is $140000.
Emily earned $9 in interest on $1200 she deposited in the bank for 9 months. What was the interest rate?
What is 1%.
If 24% of 900 7th graders have summer jobs, how many students is that?
What is 216 7th graders