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Random Trivia Questions
What is 20% of 120?
What is 24
What is 35% of 88
What is 30.8%
Lucy is trying to drink more water, so she has been keeping a log of how much water she drinks. Two days ago, Lucy drank 40 ounces of water, in comparison to 32 ounces yesterday. What was the percent of change in Lucy's daily water consumption?
What is 20% decrease?
Convert Decimal to Percent: 0.755
What is 75.5%
Which animals produce pearls?
What is OYSTERS?
What is 8% of 200?
What is 16?
At the end of the year, cars made in the current year are marked down to make room for next year's models. One particular model had a sticker price of $21,250 when it was new. It has just been marked down by 28%. What is the sale price of the vehicle?
What is $15,300?
If the price of a purse increased from $45 to $63, what was the percent of increase?
What is 40% increase?
Convert Percent to Decimal: 12.7 %
What is .127?
From 1895 until 1958, the French controlled a number of countries in the western part of what continent?
What is Africa?
The memory card on Jimmy's digital camera can hold about 520 pictures. Jimmy uses 18% while at a beach party. How many pictures does he still have available to take after the party? Round to the nearest whole number.
What is 426?
Bill is in a class of 12 boys and 18 girls. 40% of the students in the class take the bus to school. How many students do not take the bus to school?
What is 18?
A DVD movie originally cost $24.99. Its current price is $9.99. What is the percent of change rounded to the nearest tenth of a percent?
What is 60% decrease?
Convert Decimal to Fraction: 1.86
What is 1 43/50?
The Boston Red Sox did not win a World Series from 1918 until 2004, a torturous streak that many blamed on what curse?
What is the "CURSE OF THE BAMBINO," a jinx that landed on the franchise after its owner sold Babe Ruth?
The movie theater has 250 seats. 225 seats were sold for the current showing. What percent of seats are empty?
What is 10%?
Miss Holman gave a 90-cent tip to a waitress for serving a meal costing $6.00. What percent of the bill was her tip?
What is 15%
Tom's weekly salary increased from $240 to $300. What was the percent of change?
What is 25% increase?
Convert Fraction to Percent: 13/16 Do not round.
What is 81.25%?
Which animal is the largest member of the cat family?
What is tiger?
The produce department of a grocery store sold 288 pounds of tomatoes. The weight represented 72% of the shipment the store received. The rest spoiled and had to be discarded. How many pounds of tomatoes were originally received?
What is 400?
Donovan earned 99 points on his science project. If his grade was a 90%, how many points were possible?
What is 110 points?
In 1986 the average price of a gallon of gasoline was $0.93 cents. In 2007 the average price of a gallon of gasoline was $2.77. Find the percent of change rounded to the nearest tenth of a percent.
What is 197.8%
Convert Percent to Fraction: 79.6 %
What is 199/250?
The pointed teeth near the front of the mouth have what animal name?
What is canines?