Coping Skills
Refusal Skills

What is the main active ingredient in Vaping liquid that creates the pleasurable effects?

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What are two possible negative consequences of underaged drinking?

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Death (factored in 4,358 death from 2006-2010),  injury (188,000 in 2011 alone), impairs judgement (such as risky sexual decisions), increased risk in physical and sexual assault, can lead to other problems (like problems in school, and the law possible delay in ability to get drivers license), interferes with brain development .


What is the chemical in marijuana that makes users feel 'high'?

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THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol


Give three examples of healthy coping skills.

Journaling, walking, Doodling/ drawing, talking to friends family, Watch your favorite TV show, warm bath/shower, listen to music, etc., etc. 


There can be many ways to refuse something that you do not want to do, give three examples of ways to say no.

Make a joke, give a reason of why it is a bad idea or you don't want to, make an excuse, Firmly say no, suggest something else to do, change the subject, tell them you promised someone (parent, teacher coach etc.) that you wouldn't, politely decline, etc. 


In 2019 what was the primary reason teens list as the reason that they vaped?

To experiment/ see what it is like. 


What is a symptom of severe alcohol overdose?

Mental confusion/ stupor, difficulty breathing/ inability to wake up, vomiting, seizures, slow breathing (less than 8 per min), irregular breathing (10 sec or more between breathes) , slowed heart rate, clammy skin, dulled responses (like no gag reflex), Extremely low body temp, blued skin or pale skin. 


What is the chemical in marijuana that is known for its medicinal effect but, does not cause the user to feel 'high'.

CBD or cannabidiol


Give three examples of unhealthy coping skills.

Substance use, alcohol, binge eating, self harm, isolation, unhealthy sleeping patterns, etc. etc. 


What is a peer?

Any one in equal standing to you, friends, classmates, teammates, other kids your age. 


In what year and country did the e-cigarette first emerge?

2003, China

How do I help someone I think may have over dosed on alcohol (Name something you can do)?

Call 911, if they are unconscious try to roll them on their side, Don't play doctor (wait for professionals to arrive), Don't try to make them walk, take a shower, drink coffee etc. 


True or False is Marijuana additive.

True, marijuana can be addictive people continue to use despite knowing the negative consequences of their use.


What is a coping skill?

It is something that a person can use to help during an especially stressful or overwhelming moment or time and or to deal with difficult emotions.


What is peer pressure?

Influence to do something, act a certain way, wear certain close or change your behaviors in any to conform with your peers.


What is a short term (not long lasting) effect of cigarette/ vaping use?

Increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, and rapid breathing


What is at least one reason that teens report for their drinking?

To see what it is like, seems older, solve problems, cope with stress, peer pressure, etc. 


Name one risk associated with marijuana use.

Reduced performance in school, reduced life satisfaction, impaired driving, increased risk to use other drugs, severe nausea and vomiting, breathing problems, increased heart rate, 


What is the difference between coping skills and selfcare?

Coping skills are to be used during times of difficult emotions, stressful times. Self care is something that can and should be done everyday to help relax and take care of yourself. These coping skills and self care can often overlap in actives (i.e. warm bath, reading watching tv show...)


Give and example of positive peer pressure and negative peer pressure and how a healthy way to respond to these situations (these can be things you experienced, someone you know or made up)

Positive: Trying out for a play, band sports tam, eating better, getting more sleep, talking to someone and so much more! 

Negative: Offering substances, alcohol, bullying someone, and so much more!

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Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable premature death in the US how many death per year does it cause on average?

480,000 or 1 in 5 about 1,300 deaths per day.


In 2019 what percentage of 12th grade students reported drinking alcohol at least once at some point in their lives?



What is a symptom of marijuana withdrawal?

irritability, sleeplessness, lack of appetite leading to possible weight loss, anxiety, drug craving.


What are the two categories that healthy coping skills can fall into...

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Problem-focused coping skills, Emotion-focused coping skills


One way to help with refusal skills is to have clear boundaries, describe a boundary and how you can enforce that it now be crossed.

Verbal (examples stand up for yourself, make yourself heard, etc.). Psychological or emotional (Examples know that you are not responsible for another's feelings, do not feel guilty for having emotions, etc.) Physical boundaries (example let a person know they are too close, they cannot touch you there (this can be any part of your body).