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This Pokemon is the constant companion of Ash Ketchum and is often seen riding on his shoulder.   

Who is Pikachu? 


Eevee becomes Jolteon, Vaporeon, or Flareon when it comes into contact with these stones.  

What are a Thunder Stone, a Water Stone, and a Fire Stone? 


This small Normal-Flying is known for its beautiful singing voice. 

What is Fletchling? 

This starter is best described as a fire breathing cat. 

What is Litten? 


This adorable Legendary is believed to be the ancestor of all Pokemon. 

What is Mew? 


When Ash catches this Pokemon, poor Misty instantly becomes squeamish as this Bug type tries to bond with her.  

What is Caterpie? 


Kadabra, Haunter, and Machoke will only evolve into their final forms when this happens between two Trainers. 

What is Trading? 


This adorable lizard Pokemon can open its frill and collect energy from the sun. By doing this, they can go for quite a while without food. 

What is Helioptile? 


Though cute, this tiny Grass type is not to be messed with as the sickles on the front of its body are razor sharp and have been known to cut the shins of unlucky Trainers who get too close. 

What is Fomantis? 


This stunning Legendary Bird is so powerful, it can cause snowstorms even on a bright sunny day.  

What is Articuno? 

This incredibly stunning Fire type Pokemon is most often found in the company of Officer Jenny and her colleagues. It's so large, it can carry up to three people on its back.  

What is Arcanine? 


Most Pokemon, such as Absol, Mawile, and the Legendary Pokemon, only have one form and can't change beyond that. 

What is single stage evolution? 


Ash had this amphibian Pokemon as his unofficial Starter and ended up Battle Bonding with it once it reached its final form. It proved to be so popular with the fans, its final form made it into SSB. 

What are Froakie and Greninja? 


Instead of sniffing another's rear end, this canine Pokemon greet one another by rubbing their necks against each other.   

What is Rockruff? 


Beware of this Pokemon on moonless nights in the Sinnoh region or you might awaken from a horrible nightmare! 

What is Darkrai? 


This Pterodactyl look alike came extremely close to eating Ash in the original series episode "Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon." 

What is Aerodactyl? 


Depending on where you are, some Pokemon may look diffrent in other parts of the world. 

What are Regional Variants? 


This bizarre phenomenon, first discovered in the Kalos region, can cause several Pokemon to change their appearances and sometimes their typing.  

What is Mega Evolution? 


This insanely adorable Pokemon often fights with Elekid just so it can siphon off some electricity. It's often seen in the company of Trial Captain Sophocles.   

What is Togedemaru? 


Considered to be the muscle of the Swords of Justice, this Pokemon is once rumored to have knocked down a castle wall. Despite its tough exterior, it's a bit of a softie. 

What is Terrakion? 


This Pokemon is said to have an IQ of 5,000, is smarter than any known human geneius, and is not to be taken lightly. The females of this species have shorter whiskers than the males. 

What is Alakazam? 


All of the starter Pokemon have this kind of evolutionary path. 

What is a Three Stage Evolution? 


Pokemon such as Granbull, Igglybuff, and Gardevoir weren't classified as this type until Pokemon X and Pokemon Y along with the introduction of this Eeveelution. Name the type and the Pokemon.    

What are Fairy Types and Sylveon? 


Although it's the protector of Mele Mele Island, this Legendary Pokemon is said to be incredibly fickle and possesses a short temper. However, it lacks an attention span and will forget what made it mad in the first place. Avoid angering this Pokemon at all costs!    

What is Tapu Koko? 


Whenever this terrifying Legendary Pokemon spreads its wings, the plumange glows red. In the Kalos region, it is considered an omen or symbol of death. Its title is well earned. 

What is Yveltal? 

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