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This electric type is the mascot of Pokemon and is the poster Pokemon for Pokemon Yellow and it's namesake "Let's Go" game

What is Pikachu?


This pair of Pokemon games were the first main stream installments to act as a direct sequel to the previous pair of Pokemon games also set in the Unova region. It uses recurring characters, and the previous evil Team Plasma returns as a split organization.

What is Pokemon Black and White 2?


This mechanic of Pokemon is where certain types of moves will do more or less damage to a given Pokemon depending on their types

What is Type Effectiveness (super/not very effective)?

This Pokemon item is the most iconic item in the franchise, used for catching Pokemon

What is the Pokeball?

This trainer is the main character of the Pokemon anime, with his partner Pikachu

Who is Ash?

This famous psychic type Pokemon is known as the first legendary Pokemon (at least in terms of base stat totals exceeding 600) and is caught in Cerulean Cave

What is Mewtwo?


This spin-off Pokemon series has no Pokemon Trainers, and features sentient Pokemon who explore the namesake areas. They are known for their grid-based movement and battle system, along with their scavenger-based gameplay. The most recent installment was a remake of the first games of the series: Red and Blue Rescue Team

What is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

This mechanic of Pokemon that often is considered to define the series is when a Pokemon changes form and generally increases in power after hitting a specific milestone or prerequisite

What is Evolution?


This specific Pokemon item is often buyable in PokeMarts and heals 200HP from a given Pokemon. It is a sort of pink bottle

What is a Hyper Potion?

This Pokemon trainer is an iconic companion of the main character of the Pokemon series, and is also the rock type gym leader of Pewter City, with his star Pokemon being Onix

Who is Brock?


This starter Pokemon is the very first in the national Pokedex and is known in the Pokedex for "the seed on it's back" that defines it

What is Bulbasaur?


This Pokemon game for the N64 was the very first to put Pokemon in 3D, and simply features strings of Pokemon battles in cups, along with minigames.

What is Pokemon Stadium?

This mechanic of Pokemon, which is often implemented in numerous other RPG's, is a term that defines the battle system where Pokemon attack in a set order

What is a turn-based battle system?


This Pokemon Key Item is given out in all Pokemon mainstream games and is known by multiple names (looking for the modern one), and is used to find other hidden items

What is the Dowsing Machine?


This "dragon master" appears as an Elite Four member in Generation 1 of Pokemon and the Champion of Generation 2 of Pokemon. His star Pokemon is a Dragonite

Who is Lance?

This psuedolegendary from Kalos is known for a sticky slime substance from it's body, and even as a dragon type it learns many grass and water type moves from it's level up moveset

What is Goodra?

This Pokemon spin-off series is iconic for it's use of drawing circles around Pokemon to capture them
What is Pokemon Ranger?

This mechanic is a battle mechanic that says that a move of the same type as the Pokemon using it will do extra damage, usually by a 1.5x multiplier

What is STAB (Same-Type Attack Bonus)?

This Pokemon Mystery Dungeon exclusive food item is the backbone of the "Belly" mechanic in those games, as it is used to restore a Pokemon's "Belly" to full

What is an Apple?

This gym leader is part of a special trio of gym leaders, and is known for specializing in Grass type Pokemon with his star, Pansage. He is also a companion of the main character in the Pokemon anime

Who is Cilan?

This Pokemon, based off a hellhound, is the enemy of the Pichu brothers in the Pikachu and Pichu spin-off cartoon series. It is a Dark and Fire type.

What is Houndour?


This Pokemon spin-off for the N64 is unique as it uses voice control to give commands to the namesake electric type Pokemon in order to progress the game

What is Hey-You Pikachu?


This mechanic was newly introduced in the Pokemon Sword and Shield games where certain moves were changed from TM's to these one-use items in order to teach compatible Pokemon special moves

What are TR's (Technical Records)?


This Pokemon item is an evolutionary item that evolves a male Kirlia into a Gallade or a female Snorunt to evolve into a Froslass

What is a Dawn Stone?


This unique character from the Gold, Silver, and Crystal games is famous for his relentless hunt of the legendary beast Suicune

Who is Eusine?
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