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 The act of violating the laws on alcohol consumption and the like.

What is ABC- Alcohol Violation?


This problem nature code can be used for many requests such as child custody exchanges, or pick up of personal property from a location during a domestic separation, etc.

What is  RFS – Request for Service?


This problem nature code is used when a reported stolen vehicle has been recovered.

What is RV – Recovered Vehicle?


Any person whether homeless or stranded in need of shelter.  Typically, officers do not transport homeless subjects to shelters unless the temperature is below freezing.

What is HOMELESS – Homeless Transport?


The unlawful depositing of litter, solid waste, or hazardous materials onto public or private property unless that area is designated to accept litter or solid waste.

What is LITTER - Littering?


To violate a law or ordinance that prohibits persons from remaining in any location without a clear purpose for an extended period. Especially when behaving in a manner indicating a possible threat to persons or property in the vicinity

What is LOIT - Loitering?


Callers typically describe these vehicles as being there for a specific period of time, has flat tires, body damage, and missing license plates.

What is AV – Abandoned Vehicle?


This problem nature code can be used for traffic lights not signaling properly, lights on flash or lights completely out at an intersection.

What is  TLM – Traffic Light Malfunction?


A person in a public place who is intoxicated and disruptive in any of the following ways; blocking or otherwise interfering with traffic on a highway or public vehicular area, or blocking or laying across or otherwise preventing or interfering with access to or passage across a sidewalk or entrance to a building.

What is  INTOXP – Intoxicated Pedestrian?


This problem nature code is only used when an incident absolutely will not match any other problem nature code.

What is OTHER – Other Call - Explain?


This problem nature code is typically used for loud music, and construction noise outside of the city ordinance timeframes

What is NOISE – Loud Noise Complaint?


The unlawful depositing of litter, solid waste, or hazardous materials onto public or private property unless that area is designated to accept litter or solid wastes.

What is  DUMP – Illegal Dumping?


Located lost, stolen, or discarded items whether legal or illicit.  This includes personal property, weapons, drugs, and drug paraphernalia.

What is FPROP – Found / Recovered Property?


The act or practice of providing sexual

What is PROS - Prostitution?


•The suspect/subject had permission at some point from the owner and failed to return the vehicle at the agreed upon time.

What is UUV – Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle?


This problem code should be used pursuant to all crimes that fall under the sell, use, manufacture, or possession of illegal drugs.

What is DRUG- Drug La Violation?


This problem nature code can be used to direct traffic during oversized load transports such as houses, equipment, etc.  It can also be used as an escort from a business to a bank such as Bojangles in Knightdale

What is ESCORT – Escort / Transport?


This problem nature code can be used for vehicles parked in a handicap spot without the correct placard/license plate.  It could also be used for vehicles in a no-parking location.

What is PARKING – Parking Violation?


There is a misconception that people must wait 24 hours before reporting a person missing.  It can be reported immediately.

•Subject is at least 18 years of age or older.

What is MPA - Missing Person- Adult?


Where? Who? What? When? Weapons?

What are the 5 W's?


•: A group of people who have gathered to participate in an activity

What is  PARTY – Loud Party Complaint?


Certain fireworks are illegal in the state of North Carolina those include Roman candles, aerial fireworks, and all fireworks which explode or are projected in the air.

What is  FW - Fireworks?


•This problem nature code can be used for commercial and residential locations.

•Callers may request periodic security checks if they are on vacation.  It must be requested through the Raleigh Police District office.

What is SEC – Security Check?


a person who meets the criteria for IVC per NC General Statutes 122C-3, a law enforcement officer must  be dispatched to take custody of the person to transport him/her to an inpatient mental health facility- this person is considered to be violent

What is 96V – Mental Commitment - Violent?


•Address / Location of the Incident

•Complainant’s Name / Caller’s Name

•Callback Number / Caller’s Phone Number

•Talk with an Officer

What is Information Required for Every Call?

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