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What's That Smell?

This item holds a favourite hot drink for morning and late night sipping. But you may pour it in the saucer first!

What is a tea cup? 


This shirt celebrates a Canadian World Championship basketball team. It’s vintage!

What is The Toronto Raptors Shirt? Can't Take the Fast Break! 


This first grade in school is full of cuteness. Time to learn the ABCs!  

What is kindergarten? 


Who's got the trump card? You can tell when it's Poppy. He'll complain he doesn't have it! 

What is Rook? 


It must be a Saturday or Monday in the summer, because this smell is ripe all through the house and the truck. At least we’ll have a yummy supper later!

What is fish? 


This cherished item fits in the palm of your hand and is used to change TV channels to favourite shows, such as Three’s Company or Murder She Wrote.

What is the remote control? 


Once worn by Jason or Leanne, this shirt features the old logo of a camp where they both worked. It’s vintage!

What is the Camp Mountainview shirt? 

This subject often requires maps and globes. 

What is geography? 


Letters, letters everywhere. Don't let Jason get the triple! And don't let Poppy see your tiles - he'll try! 

What is Scrabble? 


Did someone make beans or pea soup for dinner? We may have to crack a window, if Nanny will let us.

What is fart? 


This item hangs on the end of a line and is used to snag salmon, cod, conners - maybe even a sculpin!

What is a fish hook? 


This hoodie was handed on to Poppy with the logo from a daycare connected to Leanne’s church. They only did one run of the shirts. It’s vintage!

What is the Pumpkin Patch shirt? 

1 + 1, 2 + 2, fractions, times tables and subtraction, too! 

What is math? 


You don't need clubs or balls for this version, just lots of cards. Stay away from the Queen! 

What is Golf? 


It’s been a beautiful fall and Dad’s been in his shed a lot with his favourite catches. But those chemicals - yeesh! Stay away from the truck!

What is trapping? 


Although used less often since the advent of IPads and laptops, this small item is still needed by Poppy to fill in his beloved crossword puzzles.  

What is a pen? 


When Mom would go to BC, she would ask Julie Higdon to wash and iron this shirt every Monday. 

What is his uniform shirt? 


In grade eight, Poppy was in charge of helping students in this class dissect frogs. 

What is science? 


This was a popular game we played a lot in the eighties. You can gather lots of pie - but you don't get to eat it! 

What is trivial pursuit? 


Get a bath? Maybe on a Saturday night. Uh oh - it’s only Friday!

What is B.O?


Something Poppy is asking you to pass him.

What is anything? 


Need a shirt for out in boat with Poppy? This red shirt has stood the test of time for several decades. Was it Deanne or Roxanne who got it on a trip to PEI? 

What is the U.P.E.I shirt? 


This items were just getting popular when Leanne was in grade eight. Poppy taught kids how to type up and print their reports for the first time.  

What is computers? 

Poppy needs a new book - time for a trip to Carbonear! 

What are crossword puzzles? 


The little fish are coming in droves! Time to fry ‘em up - Nanny will definitely open a window now! She's already drove. 

What is capelin? 

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