Appeal to Logic
Appeal to Emotion
Appeal to Credibility
Types of Essays
Parts of an essay
Between Ethos, Pathos, and Logos, which is an appeal to logic?



Between Ethos, Pathos, and Logos, which is an appeal to emotion?



Between Ethos, Pathos, and Logos, which is an appeal to credibility?



Which writing is in an orderly, sequential fashion to explain an event, process, or thought?



Is this an effective thesis?

Schools should abolish uniforms because it takes away one of the few freedoms a teen has, they create a lack of individuality, and because they are too costly.

This is an effective thesis because the author's claim is clear, and the three reasons are included.


What is an appeal to logic?

The use of facts and evidence to get your readers to believe your message.


What is an appeal to emotion?

An appeal to emotion would see an author using emotion to convince their reader.  For example: If you donate one dollar you can save this sick puppy.


What is an appeal to credibility?

When an author uses reputable sources to strengthen their claims.


What type of essay would have this for a thesis statement?

Schools should abolish uniforms because it takes away one of the few freedoms a teen has, they create a lack of individuality, and because they are too costly.



What is the sentence contained within each body paragraph that tells the reader what they will be reading about?

The Topic Sentence


Which of these is an appeal to logic?

A. The Earth is round. This can be seen through gravity, a metal core, and from satellites.

B. The Earth is flat because you cannot prove the satellite images are real.

C. This jaguar needs a home, or it will starve.


Which of these would be an appeal to emotion?

A. Buy this soda or this kitten will cry.

B. The sky turns blue from a prism effect between the sun and the atmosphere.

C. This information comes from the Encyclopedia Britannica.


Which of these resources would someone utilize if they are trying to appeal to credibility?


What type of essay does the following:

•writing for the purpose of informing the audience on a specific topic

Informative/Explanatory Writing


In an essay that uses facts to prove your ideas, what is one important thing you need to reinforce your claims?



What is the definition of "EVIDENCE"?

•the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid


When do you see an appeal to emotion on a regular basis?

Describe the example you are thinking of.

Come up with a specific example.


Examples may include:

Commercials, on the internet, memes, the news (though the news really should be more logos and ethos.)

Maybe the ASPCA commercial with the sad song and hurt puppies.


How can you appeal to credibility?

Use credible sources.

Cite your sources.

Check the sources for credibility. 

Double check the facts presented if possible.


What is something that an argumentative essay has that an informative essay does not?

A rebuttal or counterclaim


What is a rebuttal?

the combination of counterclaim and evidence with elaboration about why the counterclaim is incorrect or not valid enough to believe the opposing side


How can an author use logos?

To use logos, the author makes clear, logical connections between ideas, and includes the use of facts and statistics. Using historical and literal analogies to make a logical argument is another strategy. There should be no holes in the argument, also known as logical fallacies, which are unclear or wrong assumptions or connections between ideas.

How can an author use pathos in their writing?

Authors make deliberate word choices, use meaningful language, and use examples and stories that evoke emotion.

How can an author show ethos in their writing?

The writer can communicate their authority by using credible sources; choosing appropriate language; demonstrating that they have fairly examined the issue (by considering the counterargument); introducing their own personal experience with the issue; and using correct grammar and syntax.


How does this image appeal to ethos, pathos, and logos? Or does it not appeal to one or more of them? Why?

Appeal to pathos: It is frightening

Appeal to logos: Statistics and facts are utilized.

Appeal to ethos: From the Santa Clara County Public Health and The CDC


Create a thesis statement for an argumentative essay using these details and prompt:

Should animals in the house be a right?

Humans and animals have lived together for thousands of years.  Humans have seen improvements to their health and lives through animal companionship.  Both humans and animals tend to live longer in the company of the other.


Having an animal companion living in your home should be a right because it has been proven that humans live longer, happier lives with animals, thanks to human interaction animal species that would be extinct are still around today, and the country would benefit from having healthier citizens.