Which verb is correct in the following sentence?

You are ________ a long time to eat your food. Are you ok?

a. taking
b. doing
c. making
d. starting



Choose the correct option in the following sentence.
  He's made / been making 7 friends this year.



How do we form the first conditional?

Give an example

If + present simple, will / won't + base form


What preposition goes with the verb listen?



What can't I make?

a. a complaint
b. a discovery
c. a lot of money
d. the housework

1. d


Do we  usually use the present perfect or present perfect continuous in the following cases?

1. Verbs that express a state: like, love ,know

2. For quantity: twenty letters, 3 phone calls, 5 dogs

present perfect


How do we form the second conditional?

Give an example.

If + past simple, would / wouldn't + base form


Choose the correct options.

1. If I went / go to the cinema with my mum she
will / won't be very happy.
2. I have thought / been thinking about what to get you for your next birthday, but I still have no idea!

1. go / will

2. been thinking


What is the passive form of the following sentences?

1. The local supermarket sells many different things. 

2. He bought a new computer yesterday.

1. Many different thing are sold in the local supermarket.

2. A new computer was bought yesterday.


Create a story using the following words.

a. married
b. pregnant
c. expecting
d. born
e. break up
e. died


1. Complete the sentence using the first conditional.

If I _______  (sing) more frequently, I _______ (improve).

2.  Complete the sentence using the second conditional.

Jasper __________ (feel) better, if she ______ (nice) to him.

3. Make them both negative. 

1. sing / will improve.

2. would feel / were nicer

3. If I don't sing more frequently, I won't improve.

 Jasper wouldn't feel better, if she wasn't nicer to him. 


What is the active voice of these passive sentences?

1. Many Albums have been sold by that shop.
2. Joanthan won't be helped by Julia.

1. That shop has sold many albums. 

2. Julia won't help Jonathan 


What is the passive of the following sentences?

1. Jonathan has done the housework.

2. Mary and Pete will visit Italy in the future.  

1. The housework has been done (by Jonathan)

2. Italy will be visited in the future.


What do each of these words mean?

a. split up
b. honeymoon
c. go out
d. divorced
e. engaged
f. widowed


What are the correct prepositions?

1. I think my brother broke my phone ___ purpose!

2. The other day my mum has a meeting _____ her boss, and then she spent the whole night crying.

3. Can you give my your recipe ______ Bolognese?
4. Let me know if you ever find the cure ____stupidity.
5. Do you think Jessica is lonely ____ herself?

1. on
2. with
3. for
4. for
5. by


1. Create a question using the first condtional for someone in the class.
2. Create a question using the second conditional for someone else in the class. 


1. Make compound nouns using the following noun as guide. 

a. text
b. news

2. name 2 thing you can play, 2 things you can send and 2 things you can make

3. What is the passive of the following sentence. 

Jenny has taken the dog for a walk today.

a. text message
b. newspaper

play: games / the piano / a part / baseball
send: a text message / an email / a present / a postcard
make: a complaint / a discovery / a phone call / a lot of money

3. The dog has been taken for a walk today.


1. Choose the correct option. 

a. Have you been loving /  loved your boyfriend for a long time?
b. Dan has talked / has been talking to the bank all morning. When will it end!
c. We have received / been receiving 6 donations already!

2. What's the difference between the present perfect and the present perfect continuous?

3. Give an example of a sentence in the present perfect and one in the present perfect continuous.

a. loved
b. has been talking
c. recieved


1. Create sentences using the following words.
a. will
b. won't
c. would
d. wouldn't

2. Create sentences using the following prepositions.

a. by
b. at
c. for
d. in


1. What have you been doing lately?

2. Have you travelled since 2017?

3. Ask someone a question using the present perfect.

4. Ask someone else a question using the present perfect continuous. 

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