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Arabic terms

What did the people of Queen Bilqees believe in?

hint (think of Sulayman's presentation)

the Sun


How many times is Prophet Yunus's name mentioned in the Quran

4 times. 


What is the difference between Nabi and a Rasul?

All Nabi are Prophets.  Rasul are some of the Prophets  whom Allah reveled a book, a newer code of law. Like rasullah, Prophet Muhammed is a rasul. Here is more examples of Rasuls

Tawat was reveled to Prophet Musa, Zubur was revealed to Prophet Duwad. Injil to prophet Isa


What does bismillah hir rahman nir rahim mean?

In the name of Allah the All-beneficent, the All- merciful.


Mention one story that you have learned in madressa and what you learned from it

verify Sr.Ayman

What is the name of Queen of Sa'ba to whom Prophet Sulayman send a letter inviting her to become a believer in one God?

Queen Bilqees


What is the biblical name of Prophet Yunus

Prophet Johah


Shaytan acts like a sneeky sales man. Explain this.

In the Quran, Allah says to be careful of Shaytan. He tries to make us do things by making them seem good, even though we may not want to do them initially. He will try to convince us to do something this is gray. He whispers to us.


What does ihdinas sirat tal mustaqeem mean?

hint: sirat means path

Guide us on the straight path


Summarize Prophet Nuh's story as mentioned in the Quran

 Neela pls verify


How did Prophet Sulayman know who was the true mother, when 2 women come to him claiming to be the mother of one baby?

(hint, think of Sarah's project)

Sarah pls verify answer.


What Surah is named a female role model, a mother of a Prophet

(hint; Aniya's project)

Surah Mariam, 


Why did Rasulullah say,  

"I leave among you two important things: The book of Allah (the Quran ) and my progeny, (the Ahlul Bayt). If you hold firmly to them you will never go astray

It shows that you need to follow the Quran as well as the Ahlul Bayt to properly understand the laws of Allah. In order to understand the Quran correctly, we need Rasulluah and the Aimmah to explain things to us. And if we do we will be able to stay on the right path.


What does Adalat mean (hint: its one of the roots of religion, the Usual e deed, the fundamentals of our religion, Islam)



Tell the story of Rusullah when he was travelling at it was time to prepare a meal

He was travelling with his companions. It was time to prepare the meal. They decided to roast a sheep. Different companions took different tasks. Instead of just watching them, the Prophet took a task as well. When they told him to relax and not do anything because he was a Prophet. Allah dislikes seeing his creators feeling like they have a special position over others.


How did Prophet Yusuf help the King of Egypt with the knowledge and leadership that he had been given from Allah

Mahid pls verify (interpreting the dream, sowing in the years when it rained, making silos to store the food, then having enough when the 7-year drought started.

Also, he helped the slaves by giving them free wheat as they didn't have much and he charged the rich according to home much they had if they hadn't sowed their own. 


What is the moral of Prophet DHul Kifl's story as mentioned in the Quran?

Hint think of Helen's project

Helen pls verify


Why do we need guidance from Allah (module 2 lesson 1 that you did with Sr.Farzeen, think of the amusement park) 

1, So we undestand Allah correctly- He is our creator, He is wise, All- seeing.

2, It gives us the laws/rules to live properly in this world and be successful in the hereafter.

3,It keeps us away from superstitious beliefs. ( so we are not driven by fear or greed) 


recite surah Alhamd and the meaning. You will have to recite all the arabic and at least 4 lines after bismillah to get all 400 points.

In the name of Allah..; All praise belongs to Allah, Lord of the worlds; The all beneficent, all-merciful; Master of the Day of Judgement; You alone we worship, you alone we turn for help; Guide us on the straight path; The path of those whom you have blessed, not the path of those who incurred Your wrath and not the path of those who are astray. 


Tell us the story of Prophet Yunus in summary

Alinah and Zonera, pls verify this


Tell the story of Prophet Ibrahim and how his test became know as the sacrifice. Include how many times Shaytan tells them to NOT listen to Allah. What did they do to get rid of Shaytan? Then what did Prophet Ibrahim sacrifice instead?  We celebrate this obedience as a festival in Dhul Hijja Eid ul Adha, or Eid kurbani. 

(hint, think of Eshaan's project)

Eashaan pls verify (The dream to sacrifice his son Prophet Ismail. The willingness of Prophet Ibrahim to obey Allah even if it is hard... 


Why were the people surprised when Lady Mariam brought came to them holding a baby. Who was the baby. What did she do? What did they baby do

hint think of Aniya's project

Aniya pls verify


Explain the link between Allah's justice and Allah's guidance

Allah is just. 

He created us. Then He didn't leave us alone. He sent us guides, like The Prophet and the Imams to show us how to live. Since they are humans like us, we can follow them. He also send divine books, the Quran being the last one. So Allah is just to us by showing us the path then expecting us to follow it.


Name the arabic terms of the parts of prayers

Niyyat, Takbiratul al-Ihram, Ruku, Sajdah, Qiyam, Qiraat, Dhikr, Tashahhud, Salaam, (Tartib, Muwalat)


Please summarize the story of Prophet Yusuf

Mortaza and Mahdi, pls verify this

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