Empathy Skills
How would you feel if...
How would they feel if...

This helps you understand what others are feeling or going through. 

What is empathy?

Someone said your favorite shirt was ugly.
What is embarrassed, upset, sad, ashamed, angry

Your friend has a new Play Station game that you really want. You were in his room alone and you put the game in your bag and take it home with you. 

What is angry, disappointed, sad..etc ?


True or False: To be a good communicator, you must also listen to what the other person is saying.

What is... “True! It is always important to actively listen to another person's thoughts and feelings when trying to express yours. It's a two-way street!


Why is it important to show empathy to others? 

What is to better understand people, how they are feeling and to build a good relationship. 
Your dog ran away from home and you couldn't find him or her.
What is sad, upset, depressed, worried

The students in the classroom won't stop talking, even though they've been asked to stop many times. How is the teacher probably feeling?

What is ..annoyed, frustrated..etc.


When someone does something that bothers you, what should you do?

What is... "you should talk to them" about it as soon as you can, and why it upset you. They'll never know that it bothers you unless you tell them!


When someone is sharing their feelings with you. What should you be doing?

What is Looking, listening and asking? 


Your friend made fun of you on social media? 

What is a mixture sad, upset, hurt, confusion...etc?


Nora comes to you during break and says she doesn’t feel prepared and forgot to study for the quiz next period. On the other hand, you feel confident after you studied last night.

What is unsure, nervous, scared..etc?


What could you say to Eva? You and Eva sit down to eat lunch in the dining hall. Eva’s grandfather passed away last night and she is almost in tears. 

What is ... “Eva, I’m so sorry to hear that. I can tell you are really upset. What can I do to help?”

What are someways you can show others you are actively listening to them? 

What is maintaining eye contact, don't interupt them, and/or ask questions?


Someone broke a sexual behavior rule with you? 

What is angry, confused, upset, hurt, sad..etc? 


How do you think the person you broke the sexual behavior rule was affected? 

What is.." hurt, sad, confused, angry...etc? 


True or False: Using harsh words to make sure the other person knows exactly how you feel is a helpful way to communicate.

What is False, You should use kind words and think about how to respectfully share your feelings.