Canada Health Act
Definitions/Levels of Care
Definitions/Levels of Care
Health Care Team
Roles and Responsiblities
The insurance plan must provide for “reasonable access” to insured services by insured persons; user charges are not permitted.
What is Accessibility?
An increased focus is needed in this area particularly in secondary prevention, population health interventions mindful of social determinants of health, and health education.
What is Health Promotion?

a curative measure that involves specialized services/practitioner to establish a definitive diagnosis. 

What is secondary care?


Non-regulated Health Care Worker that contributes to part of the Nursing Team

What is a Nursing Attendant/Health Care Aide?

This level of government allocates health care funds to the provinces.
What is the Federal government?
Provisions for handling people requiring care in a province other than the one in which they are insured.
What is portability?
The patient first point of contact with the Canadain health care system?
What is Primary Care ?

Encompasses more than just an illness care system.  Includes a multi-sectoral or intersectoral approach. 

What is Primary Health Care?


They are trained to assess, diagnose, treat, order diagnostic tests, prescribe medications, make referrals to specialists and manage overall care.

What is a nurse Practitioner?

This level of government has authority over health care spending and program delegation within the province
What is the provincial/territorial government?
All insured persons must be covered for insured health services “on uniform terms and conditions.”
What is Universality?

contributors to increasing costs in health care (List 3)

What is Digital Health Technologies?

What is Demographics?

What is Consumer involvement and personalized Medicine?


a service delivery that is accessed after a physical or mental health illness, injury or chemical addiction. 

What is rehabilitation?


Credentials to practice include:

must have a 2-year diploma in practical nursing

must have passed the the Canadian Registration Examination

A practice permit from the College of the governing body. 

What is a LPN?

This level of government is responsible only for that which is delegated to them, such as health promotion programs, immunization programs, and food and water testing.
What is regional/local government?
All “insured health services” must be fully covered.
What is Comprehensiveness ?

A Level of care consists of health personal and social services provided over a prolonged period to people who have a terminal illness. 

What is Level 5: Supportive Care?


This level of care includes illness prevention services to help patients, families and communities reduce risk factors for disease and injury?

What is Level 2: Disease and Injury Prevention?

  • A Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing (BScN)
  • Passed the appropriate Canadian Nurse Examination 
  • Members of the College and Association of the governing body where they are licensed. 

What is a Registered Nurse

This level of government is responsible for the establishment, maintenance and management of hospitals, asylums, charities and eleemosynary institutions in and for the province.
What is provincial/territorial government?
The provincial and territorial plans must be administered and operated on a non-profit basis by a public authority accountable to the provincial or territorial government.
What is Public administration?
In 1984, this federal legislation replaced the federal hospital and medical insurance acts and consolidated new principles.
What is Canada Health Act ?

Included in this Level of care is:

Primary care

Secondary Care 

Tertiary care

What is Level 3: Diagnosis and treatment?


directly cares for those with mental illness, physical and developmental disabilities and addictions.

What is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse?