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Who is Wilhelm Roentgen
What is the name of the person who discovered Radiation?


What is Kilo-Volts Peak?
What does the acronym K.V.P stand for?


What is Joint Commission for Educational Radiologic Technology
What does the Acronym J.C.E.R.T stand for?


What is b) a piece of lead
(True or False) When getting an X-ray a patient can protect themselves from the x-ray beam with? a) a pillow b) a piece of lead c) their hands d). all of the above


What is (a) Patient Care, Quality control, Radiation protection of patient & Production of images
Radiologic Technologist duties include: a )patient care & quality control b)radiation protection of patient & production of images c)making a lot of money d) a & b

RAD- Jeopardy

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