Plot Elements
Raymond's Run
Raymond's Run Vocabulary

The exposition of the story introduces the characters, the _______________, tone, and the basic situation.

What is the setting


What is the struggle between two characters or between a character and an outside force called?

What is external conflict


What is the setting of the story?

"concrete jungle" in Harlem, New York City


What vocabulary word is a synonym of: deliver, handout, handoff, carry, send

What is a relay


When you make a  ___________while reading, you use clues from the story and your own knowledge to guess about the things the author doesn’t say directly.

What is an inference?


The plot of a story is the sequence of events with ______________.

What is conflict


What is a struggle within the mind of a character called?

What is internal conflict


What do we find out about Squeaky in the exposition of Raymond's Run? Give at least three facts.

What is: Squeaky takes care of her brother Raymond. She is tough and unafraid of confrontation. She is skinny and has squeaky voice. She is a very fast runner.


What word means:

To be an indication of

Also, name one synonym for the word.

What is signify.

Synonyms:  imply, suggest, represent, symbolize


Squeaky wants to be called by her real name "Hazel Elizabeth Deborah Parker" before the race. What can you infer from this?

What is Squeaky wants to be treated with respect, she is a good runner, is proud of her talent, and serious about her running. 


The most exciting and intense moment in the plot, the peak of the story, is called the __________________.

What is the climax


What type of conflict is this (more specific than internal or external): Kevin wants to get a job, but the law says he's too young.

What is character struggles against society (character vs. society)


Identify this plot element in the story: Gretchen and her sidekicks approach Squeaky on the street about the May Day races.

What is the: Rising Action


A young person with an exceptional qualities or abilities.   Also, name a synonym.  

What is a prodigy. 

Synonyms: genius, whiz, mastermind, wonder, talent


In Raymond's Run, Gretchen tells Squeaky that she will beat her in the race. You know that if someone tells you that you will lose, you will try even harder to win. Name one inference you can make based on this information.

What is "Squeaky must be very motivated to win the race."


During what part of the plot does the conflict wind down in intensity? The events follow the climax and consequences appear.

What is the falling action


What type of conflict is this (more specific than internal or external): Derek wants to go to college, but he's afraid of failing.

What is character struggles against his or or her own mind (character vs. self)


In what way did Squeaky's motivation for running change at the end of the story?

She realizes there is more to just running and winning. She wants to help coach her brother Raymond to reach his potential as a runner.


Another way to say 'likely to' do or be something

What is liable


In Raymond's Run, Squeaky takes care of her brother Raymond. You infer that Squeaky will do anything for her brother. Name one fact from the real world that you could have used to make this inference.

What is "People usually care about the people they protect."


What happens in the the denouement or resolution of a story (other than the story ends)?

What is the conflict is resolved and the loose ends are tied up


Examples of internal conflicts include conflicting thoughts, ____________, or choices.

What are feelings


What was the name of race?

What is The May Day race?


What vocab word is an antonym for slowest

What is swiftest.

Definition:  capable of moving at the highest speed, the fastest.


While reading Raymond's Run, what can you infer from this quote that Squeaky says about her mom? "You'd think she'd be glad her daughter ain't out there prancing around at May Day getting the new clothes all dirty and sweaty and trying to act like a fairy or a flower or whatever you're supposed to be when you should be trying to be yourself..."

What is Squeaky's mom wishes that she wore dresses instead of being a runner and Squeaky's relationship with her mom seems tense. 

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