Front of House
Soho House Knowledge
Name 9 things on turndown service (NOT the bed)
1 - Curtains/Shutters should be drawn/closed, 2 - Bins should be emptied, 3 - Room should be generally tidied, 4 - Tea tray should be cleaned if used, 5 - Magazines to be placed in original position, 6 - Guests clothes/shoes ect to be tidied and hung up, 7 - If towels have been used it should be replaced with clean fresh ones, 8 - Lights should be dimmed to an amber colour, 9 - Make sure the door is locked on exit
What is our telephone etiquette / how do we answer the telephone, according to the Mystery Guest Report (5 steps)?
1 - Answer within 3 rings, if not apologise 2 - Warm and up-beat tone 3 - Corect greeting 4 - Introduce yourself 5 - How can I help/assist you?
What are the min amount of hangers in a room? What Soho home bags are present in the room? excl. hairdryer & Straighteners What are the names of the 3 pre made house cocktails?
6 (excl. 2 for the robes) Laundry bag - clean and folded Dry Cleaning - clean and folded Shoes bag - clean and folded Tote bag - clean and folded Old Fashion Martini Negroni
What are the late check out charges? What is the lost property policy? What is the policy for valuable items?
1 - 25% from 1pm to 3pm 50% for up to 6pm 100% after 6pm 2 - Staff do not contact the guest. When the guest contacts us we investigate first. If the property is found, inform the guest of the postage Fee + 5% administration charge sent by recorded delivery. If property is not found follow up with guest. ________ 3. Duty Manager contacts the guest carefully (do not leave messages) We inform the guest of the property that was discovered. Return the property; explain postage fee + 5% administration. charge, Recorded delivery.
Who are our 3 main shareholders? What is their share percentage?
Ron Burkle - 60% Richard Caring - 30% Nick Jones - 10%
How many complimentary items are present in the Bathroom Amenities excluding Cowshed Name them.
13 - * Listerine mouth wash * Dove deodorant * Tooth paste * Dental Kits in a clean bag * Shower cap in a clean bag * Tampons in a clean bag * Razor in a clean bag * Ear plugs in a clean bag * Comb in a clean bag * Nail File in a clean bag * Condoms & Lubricant in a clean bag * Loofah pads in a clean bag
Why do we take a deposit? What is our general deposit policy? What are the exceptions? What is our default cancellation policy? What must the member/guest do to cancel a reservation? What happens when cancelling a Last Minute or Advance Purchase reservation?
1 - To confirm the reservation 2 - Total first night stay rate 3 - In some case like booking an advance purchase 'AP', last minute 'LM',... , deposit is taken for the entire stay at reservation stage 4 - 6pm, two days before arrival 5 - Notice us in writing (email) 6 - No cancelation/refund applies to fully pre-paid bookings
What is the policy (9 steps) when a guest arrives before 3pm to check in and their room is not ready? When should the room be ready?
1. Inform the guest that the room is not ready yet. 2. Find out and inform the guest when the room will be ready. 3. Reconfirm contact details. 4. Offer the guest to call them at the agreed time. 5. Reconfirm restaurant/cowshed reservations or offer to make new reservations. 6. Offer access to the facilities explaining them and mention WIFI details. 7. Offer to store bags. 8. Contact the guest as soon as the room is ready. 9. Make sure the bags are taken to the room before the guests. -------------- If arriving between 12 and 3 PM, the room should be ready within 1h
Name all the Front of House managers globally and their house.
Mark Orrick (DSTH) Alex Bungardean (SDH) Martin Sicaud (HRH) Ed Cambridge (SFH) Emily Brooke (BH) Alper Alp (SHI) Jordi Garcia (SHBCN) Tim Panhorst (SHB) Mark Cadwell (SHC) Jessica Cabanilla (SHNY) Ramon Campuzano (SBH)
THE NED 1) What was the building used as before? 2) What is its claim of fame ? 3) Where does the name come from? 4) How many bedrooms will it have? 5) How many restaurants will it have? 6) How many people could eat at the same time? 7) What else will it have?
1) Midland bank HQ 2) James Bond 'Goldfinger' filmed in the vault 1964 3) Architect - Edwin Lutyens 4) 252 5) 9 6) 1400 7) Cowshed, Roof top, indoor/outdoor pool, members,...
How many small cowshed items are complimentary in the bathroom? What are they?
7 - Toner, Cleanser, Lip balm, Bullocks shaving cream Bullocks moisturiser Quinoa moisturiser Cowshed soap
What is the difference between HOUSE / COMP / CROSS and when do we use them? What is the booking procedure? What rate code do we use for PM Accounts
1 - HOUSE is for staff stays when on business 2 - COMP is for Marketing, previous complaint recovery and/or Non staff stays on a complimentary basis - Nick Jones is ALWAYS COMP 3 - CROSS is used when the room charge is going to be transferred to another department, site, DSO/NYSO 4 - The HCC form must be filled in and signed by an authorised person 5 - Admin
What Glasses and Utensils are in your Mini bar?
2 x Wine glasses, 2 x Crystal Champagne coups, 2 x Crystal High ball Glasses, 2 x Crystal Rock glasses, 1 x Crystal Ice bucket, 1 x side plate (for ice bucket), 1 x Cocktail stirring spoon, 1 x Ice Tong, 1 x Small Chopping Marble board, 1 x Peeling Knife, 1 x Y shaped Peeler, 1 x Bottle opener, 1 x Vermouth spray bottle, 1 x Jigger, 1 x Crystal Cocktail shaker
What are the 7 steps to follow to complete a check-in to get it right 100%? What is the maximum process time?
1. Greeting. 2. Friendly welcome. 2. Complimentary bottle of water 3. Use the guest name. 4. Check credit card name and number. 5. Give the Room Card pointing out the house rules and WIFI details. 6. Give the room key. 7. Offer assistance with luggage. ---------------------------------------- Within 2 minutes.
Please states the 9 Houses that have a Cowshed Spa?
What are the complementary items in the Room?
• Tea, Coffee, Biscuits. • Small amenities in the tray. • Large cowshed bottles, if taken from the room must be charged. • Bottled water by the bed during Turn Down service.
What are the 4 new reservations questions? Which one has been removed? Which one has been amended?
New: Were you asked if you stayed in any of our houses before? New: If applicable, were the different room types explained? New: Did the reservation clerk state the rates available? New: When you called back, did you receive the confirmation shortly after (within 15 minutes) Amended: Did your confirmation email arrive within 1 hour? Note: if confirmation not received, call property Removed: Did you automatically receive directions, or a hyperlink with directions, with your confirmation e-mail?
What are the 2 new Check-in questions? what are the 2 new Rooming questions? What is the new Check-out question?
Check-in: New: Did the Front Desk Agent introduce himself? New: If your arrived between 12 and 3 PM, was your room ready within 1 hour? Rooming: New: If you were escorted by a different staff member from Check-in, did he introduce himself? New: Did the agent mention that most items can be found on Soho Home? Check-out New: If you had consumed anything from the minibar on the evening prior or on departure day, were you sent a personalised e-mail on the day with your invoice attached?
What are the 12 steps to follow to complete a check out? What is the maximum process time?
1. Friendly welcome. 2. Guest name. 3. Did you enjoy your stay? 4. Check last minute charges. 5. Explain the mini bar charges process? 6. Offer if guest wants to see a statement. 7. Offer to print/send bill via email. 8. Check Safe, Mobile phone charges & adapters. 9. Offer complimentary bottle of water. 10. Offer transportation. 11. Offer help with luggage. 12. Clean & tidy desk. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Within 3 minutes.
How many Houses do we have, and name them? How many Houses are under construction and name them?
18 London: HRH, EH, SDH, LH, 76DS UK: BH, FH Europe: SHB, SHI, SHBCN NA: SBH, SHNY, SHC, SHWH, SHT, SHL, LBM 5 - LA, Mumbai, Greek St, White City, Hong Kong
What are the steps to follow to service a room?
• Classical music • Clean to a high standard • Make bed (hospital corners) • Alarm clock set to the correct time • Do not Disturb sign present & in a good condition • Bedroom drawers empty & tidy • Mini bar: Clean, Stocked In date with 3 pre-made cocktails • Tea/Coffee & biscuits facilities clean & provided • Remotes dust free • Cocktail/Minibar bar glasses and utensils clean and well presented • Safe with operating instructions • Literature clean & in a good condition • Telephone number extensions, Pen & notepad next to Phone • Hair straightener /dryer • 6 hangers + 2 for bathrobes • ALL Soho Home bags & Laundry List, Carrier bag & two umbrellas • Power sockets on the off position • Room directory (if applicable) - clean and correct • Correct lighting & temperature • Cushions on sofa/armchairs fluffed
When a guest makes a reservation for a date in two months time, what are the 12 steps to follow to score 100%? What are the additional 4 steps to follow if the reservation is within the next 3 weeks?
1 - Answer within 3 rings 2 - Warm and up-beat tone 3 - Corect greeting with your name / ask if stayed previously 4 - Full name and country of residence as well as best contact telephone number and e-mail 5 - Number of guests/children (names) 6 - Use name 7 - Offer different room types and explain 8 - Explain what the rate includes / Tax/Vat / Explain deposit requirements 9 - Explain CXL policy 10 - Reconfirm details 11 - Close the call (Thank you) 12 - Send reservation confirmation within 1 hour 13 - Restaurant/Club bookings 14 - Cowshed Spa bookings 15 - Mention check-in/out times 16 - Ask for ETA (if staying in the next 3 weeks)
What items are by your coffee station? ----- What Coffee & Tea can you have?
2 x Cups, 2 x Saucers, 2 x Teaspoons, 1 x Milk jug, 1 x Tea bag holder, 1 x Tea pot, 1 x Coffee tin, 1 x Tea tin, 1 x Sugar tin, 1 x Treats tin, 1 x Kettle, 1 x Coffee maker, 2 x Decaf coffee, 4 x Light roasted, 4 x Dark Roasted, 4 x Intensive, 2 x Camomile, 2 x Peppermint, 5 x PG tips
Once inside the guest's room, what do you need to mention and point out to get 100%?
1. TV manually switching it on, Telephone, Air conditioning, lights, safe, Mini bar, room directory, hair dryer, straightener, adapter and Charger 2. Explain how to contact reception. 3. Mention the WIFI details. 4. Complimentary items, tea and coffee station as well as turn down water. 5. Complimentary amenities. 6. Cowshed product policy and where to buy them. 7. Room security 8. Mention reception contact details for any assistance. 9. Reintroduce yourself again and wish the guest a pleasant staying. 10. Soho Home
Who are the 8 Chiefs and Managing Directors we have in the company? State their names and titles.
Nick Jones - CEO Martin Kuckzmarski - COO Peter Chipchase - CCO Guy Williams - CCO Keith Edwards - CPDO Peter McPhee - CFO Marcus Barwel - MDIHD&B Jayne Demuro - H&BMD
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