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What is the difference between a main idea and a supporting detail?

Main idea: what the principle idea of the entire paragraph is

Supporting detail: the description or sentences that support the main idea 


What is the difference in meaning between skimming and scanning? Why are they important skills?

Skimming: reading over the entirety of the text to understand what it could be about

Scanning: Looking in the text for a specific answer 


Which state in the United States is the hottest?



What is the definition of criteria?

Things that are used for making a judgement or decision


What are the forms of the word rely? (Name at least 3 forms)

Rely, reliable, reliant reliably 


Sentence 3


True or False: Megalopolises are typically identified by their modest population expansion and restricted economic importance. If false, explain why.

Megacities, often defined as urban areas with populations exceeding 10 million people, have become a prominent feature of our modern world. These cities are characterized by their immense size, rapid population growth, and economic significance. Tokyo, Shanghai, and Mumbai are examples of such megacities. They serve as economic powerhouses, offering a wide range of job opportunities and cultural experiences. However, the challenges of living in megacities are significant. Traffic congestion, pollution, and limited access to green spaces are common issues residents face. Managing resources and infrastructure becomes increasingly complex as the population grows.



Which country is the wealthiest? 

(Qatar, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Singapore)



My ____________ concern when choosing a career is finding something I'm passionate about.

a) major 

b) majority 

c) majorly 

d) majoring



Create a sentence using the word ongoing. Make sure to have a synonym, antonym, or examples. 

"The continuous rain throughout the night resulted in an ongoing flood situation in the low-lying areas of the city."


What these companies are finding is that people will pay for a quicker trip. People will plan it into their expenses in the same way that they plan gas, insurance, and repair costs. The reason drivers are willing to pay for a toll road and reluctant to pay higher taxes for road upgrades is that with the toll road, they see the immediate benefit. “If I pay $5.50, I can get home an hour and a half sooner than if I don't.” With the money earned, the company can pay for the construction of the roads, pay the government, and also make a profit. What is yet to be seen is whether this reduces traffic for the non-paying drivers or merely allows the rich a way out of what was previously assumed to be a shared problem.

Which one is best??

A. The reasons why paying for a toll road might be effective in the future.

B. Immediate benefits and reasons people use toll roads

C. Why people pay for a quicker trip

D. Why toll roads are the best solution to traffic jams



According to the passage, satisfying work is work that:

A. pays huge amounts of money
B. you are good at, that you care about, and that pays you well
C. few other people are skillful enough to do
D. puts you in charge of many other people

B. you are good at, that you care about, and that pays you well


Which language has the most words? (Chinese, Spanish, English, Russian)



What is the difference between migrate and immigrate? Give an example of each one. 

The birds migrated to Alaska during the summer. 

My father immigrated from Mexico in 2003. 


Use the following words and their correct word forms to fill in the blank: communicate, remove, guideline, select, function, approach. 

Hint: Two words will not be used.

In today's world, effective ________________ is crucial for success. To improve your communication skills, it's important to follow some steps. First, always choose your words carefully. Before you speak, take a moment to ________________ the most appropriate words to convey your thoughts. Second, remember to actively listen when others are speaking, as this fosters better understanding and stronger connections. By following these ________________, you can enhance your communication skills and build more meaningful relationships.  Additionally, don't hesitate to _____ any barriers that hinder effective communication, such as distractions or personal biases. 






What is the main idea of this paragraph? What are two supporting details?

Being in "the public eye" refers to being in a situation where your actions, appearance, or life are constantly observed and scrutinized by the public or the media. This can happen to celebrities, politicians, and even ordinary people who become the center of attention due to certain events or circumstances. While fame and attention can bring advantages like popularity or influence, they also come with challenges. For instance, celebrities often face invasive paparazzi, and politicians are subject to intense media coverage and public scrutiny. Maintaining a private life can be challenging when you are in the public eye, as every move can be dissected and analyzed. Ultimately, being in the public eye can be a double-edged sword, as it can bring both opportunities and challenges to those who experience it.

Main idea: what it is like to be in the public eye-advantages and disadvantages 

Supporting details: Can happen to anyone

Bring influence

Celebrities often face paparazzi


New York City is renowned for its diverse and iconic architecture. The city's skyline is a testament to its rich history and ever-evolving design trends. One of the most famous landmarks is the Empire State Building, an Art Deco masterpiece that once held the title of the world's tallest building. Equally impressive is the modern marvel of One World Trade Center, built on the site of the former World Trade Center towers. Its sleek design and symbolic significance make it a standout in Lower Manhattan. Additionally, New York City is known for its brownstone buildings, which line many residential streets in neighborhoods like Brooklyn and Harlem. These historic structures give the city a unique charm. From classic to contemporary, New York's architecture is a reflection of its vibrant and dynamic spirit.

Reading Comprehension Questions:

  1. What is the architectural style of the Empire State Building? a) Modern b) Art Deco c) Victorian d) Gothic

  2. Where is One World Trade Center located, and why is it significant? a) It's located in Midtown Manhattan, known for its shopping districts. b) It's located in Lower Manhattan, built on the site of the former World Trade Center towers and symbolizes resilience. c) It's located in the Bronx, known for its cultural diversity. d) It's located in Queens, known for its historic landmarks.

1. B Art Deco

2.It's located in Lower Manhattan, built on the site of the former World Trade Center towers and symbolizes resilience.


How many bones do sharks have in their bodies?


  1. Legislate
  2. Region
  3. Uniform
  4. Survive
  5. Extract

 a)  consistent in conduct or opinion 

b) To make or enact laws through a formal process.  

c) To remove or take out something, often by effort or force.

d) To continue to live or exist despite difficult circumstances or threats. 

e) An area or part of a country, often with specific characteristics or boundaries.

1. b

2. e

3. a

4. d

5. c


Write two sentences with the following words. Remember to use an antonym, synonym, or examples.





The detective carefully inspected the crime scene for any overlooked clues, while the rookie officer observed with great curiosity.

During the negotiation, he presented a rational argument based on facts and logic, while his counterpart reacted emotionally.