Vocabulary and Affixes
Test Taking Strategies
What is a word part added to the beginning of a word and changes the meaning? (like DISlike or UNdo)
Which sentence is an example of figurative language? A) We stayed outside until the sun went down. B) Ice cream is great on a hot day. C) As we looked up at the sky, the moon greeted us. D) In the evening, I like to sit on the porch and look at the stars.
C) As we looked up at the sky, the moon greeted us.
Read the passage. "Trees are an important part of American history. All 50 states in America have official state trees, but many people don't know how or why these trees were chosen. Texas was the first state to have a state tree. Texans made the pecan tree their official tree in 1919. People in Maine picked conifer trees because those trees were used for lumber. Hawaii is the only state that chose a tree not native to its state." Why is Hawaii's state tree different from other state trees?
It is the only state tree that chose a tree not native to its state.
A question has multiple answers, two of which you know are immediately wrong. What is one strategy you can use to approach this problem? A) Eliminating wrong answers B) Taking notes C) Reread the passage D) Take a break
A) Eliminating wrong answers
To find another word to use instead of "nice," a student can look in a: A) Atlas, B) Dictionary, C) Thesaurus, D) Encyclopedia
D) Thesaurus
Identify the suffix in "annoyance"
Read the passage. "Mary had a bad day at school. She failed a big test and also got in trouble for talking in the hallway. When she gets home, she talks to her mom about her day. Her mom suggests she take a walk around the neighborhood to cool off. Mary goes along on the walk and realizes after that she does feel a little better and that she can start all over the next day." How does Mary resolve the conflict in this story?
Mary goes on a walk to help herself cool down.
The following sentences appear in a recipe for making a fruit syrup. Which of the following is a fact? A) Letting fruit air-dry is better than towel-drying it. B) Syrup tastes best when eaten on favorite foods. C) Every restaurant serve syrup with breakfast foods and desserts. D) Sugar and fruit may produce foam when they are boiled.
D) Sugar and fruit may produce foam when they are boiled.
You read a question that asks: "Which words do NOT belong in this list?" What key word should you highlight to remind yourself as you are looking for the answer?
Which guide words might appear on the same dictionary page as "change"? A) celebration - chalk B) challenge - chemistry C) Charleston - chisel D) charm - civilization
B) challenge - chemistry
Which two words are synonyms? A) Amazed, B) Together, C) Impressed, D) Almost, E) Progress
A) Amazed and C) Impressed
A woman uses stitches to keep a deep cut shut. After that, she walks to a room where a young girl is holding a bruised hand. She examines the girl. In the description above, make an inference about who the woman is and where she is.
A doctor in a hospital or a medical building
Read the sentence. "Since snakes require sunlight to maintain their body temperature, they are more active in the daytime." What organizational pattern is used in this sentence? A) Cause and effect B) Compare and contrast C) Chronological order D) Description
A) Cause and effect
Adding the prefix "de-" to the word "frost" forms a word that means: A) to play with frost B) to add frost C) to enjoy frost D) to remove frost
D) to remove frost
"The students asked the teacher to reconsider extending the project deadline." Which word does "re-" mean the same as it does in "reconsider?" A) Rest B) Restaurant C) Review D) Region
C) Review
Read the passage. "Whenever Christopher loses a soccer game, he gets really upset. He starts to shout and kick at the ground. Sometimes he gets upset at his friends and teammates and yells at them to leave him alone. His friends start to avoid playing soccer with Christopher. They start to play in another park and leave Christopher out." What best explains why Christopher's friends are leaving him out of soccer games?
When Christopher loses, he gets mad and is a bad sport, so his friends want to avoid him.
In a how-to article on making chocolate chip cookies, the author includes a picture of the freshly baked cookies on a plate. What best explains why the author might have chosen to include the picture? A) To show what the finished product should look like B) To make readers hungry for cookies C) To show readers that the author is an expert baker D) To convince readers why they should make cookies
A) To show what the finished product should look like
What is the best test-taking strategy to use for a question that asks you to alphabetize something or find the right guide words on a dictionary page for a word?
Take notes on paper
Read the sentence. "The hazardous waste is harmful to animals on land and in the ocean." Which word gives a clue to the meaning of hazardous? A) harmful B) animals C) land D) ocean
A) harmful
Which word has a root word that could mean "to lift"? A) Record B) Travel C) Tallest D) Elevators
D) Elevators
Read this sentence: "High winds whip across a desert, blowing bits of sand and dust into the air." The author mainly uses this sentence to create an image of: A) A weather forecast B) Dry desert conditions C) A sandy beach D) An impending thunderstorm
B) Dry desert conditions
You read an article about Niagara Falls that describes its location, how much water goes through the Falls each day, the history of its formation, the number of tourists that visit, and how environmentalists are working to maintain the park. A person would most likely read this whole article to learn: A) Facts about Niagara Falls B) Information about water erosion and the environment C) Places to go at Niagara Falls D) How water forms canyons
A) Facts about Niagara Falls
Read this question: "Attending soccer practice and doing homework are my typical Thursday evening activities." Which word is a synonym of "typical"? -- A) usual, B) pleasant, C) sunny, D) awful Name a strategy you could use to complete this answer.
Substitution of words, highlight "synonym," take notes on what "typical" means, OR eliminate obvious wrong answers
Which book would give the most information about daily life in South America? A) Major Cities Around the World B) Famous Restaurants of South American C) Languages, People, and Foods of South America D) Visiting Countries Around the World
C) Languages, People, and Foods of South America