Authors Purpose
Point of View
Main Idea

What is the definition of Author's Purpose?

The writer's reason for writing a text. This could be to persuade, inform, or entertain. 


What is the definition of theme?

The lesson or message the author expresses.


What is the definition of an inference?

When you use details or evident in a text to draw a conclusion. 


What is the definition of point of view?

The position from which a narrator tells a story or a writer presents information. It may be first, second or third person.


What is the definition of a main idea?

The central idea in a story or text; what a text is mostly about.


When an author's purpose is to inform, the text will include mostly ________.

a. opinions

b. facts

c. characters and setting

d. funny or imaginary details 

The author will include FACTS when informing the reader. 


Things were different after our plane crashed in the jungle. We didn't know how long it would take for the rescue, so to keep from starving, we had to eat some crunch critters. 

What is the theme from this passage.

a. equality

b. friendship

c. survival

d. hopelessness

The theme from this passage is SURVIVAL. 


Jake and Tim sat quietly next to each other. Suddenly, the pole Jake was holding loosely in his hands jerked hard he nearly dropped it. "You got one!" exclaimed Tim excitedly. "Reel him in slowly."

What can you infer that Jake had?

Jake caught a fish. 


Which sentence is read in third person point of view.

a. I can't wait to go camping!

b. Sally was excited to go to Six flags.

c. John had a test to study for.

d. Her favorite movie is about to play. 

a. I can't wait to go camping 


Which of the following is an example of a main idea of a book?

a. Sparky, a dog who fights fires

b. I read a story about Duke, a police dog.

c. Slap Jake is my favorite comic book hero.

d. Superpup is a brave beagle that fights crime in New York.

D. Superpup is a brave beagle that fights crime in New York.


The evil monster loomed above Ella, Kai and Jerome. It was taller than the Empire State Building, and it had green, scaly skin. Sparks flew out of its ears as it raised its fist. Ella took a deep breath. "Are you ready?" she asked her friends.

What was the author’s purpose of this passage? 

The author wrote this to ENTERTAIN the reader. 


The Clarks were enjoying a nice picnic when a rat tried to grab their lovely chunk of cheese. Irene sprung to her feet and and kicked the bold intruder into the pond. 

What is the theme from this passage. 

a. bravery

b. family

c. jealousy

d. love

The theme from this passage is BRAVERY. 


Linus was the first boy in Miss Parker's class to find red spots on his face and arms. He scratched until his mom came to him home. A week later, Jane and Annie got spots. The next Monday, four more children were absent. Finally everyone got well and came back to school, but his time Miss Parker was absent.

What was wrong with all of them? 

They all got the chickenpox. 


Is the narrator first or third person point of view. 

The narrator is third person point of view. 


The first potato chips were invented in 1853 in New York hotel kitchen by Chef George Crum. When he invented them, he hoped that they would taste bad. You see, he was irritated with a cranky guest who had complained that Crum's potatoes were too soggy, thick, and bland. The guest had requested that Crum make him a new batch. Chef Crum wanted to "teach the guest a lesson" about insulting the chef, so he made a batch that as paper-thin, overcooked, and over-salted. To his surprise, the diner loved the second batch! Word spread quickly, and potato chips became a very popular snack. 

What is the main idea of this passage?

a. You should never insult a chef.

b. Potato chips are over-salted and paper-thin. 

c. Potato chips were invented in New York. 

d. Chef George Crum invented the potato chip when he was trying to insult a picky diner. 

d. Chef George Crum invented the potato chip when he was trying to insult a picky diner. 


What is the author's main purpose in writing the passage below.

"Run to your nearest toy store and buy the Lazy Crazy Scooter today! Give your tired feet a rest as you zip through town in style on this motorized scooter. It's the best, craziest scooter around!"

The author wrote this to PERSUADE the reader to buy a scooter. 


Read the following passage from a story.

As Tai strummed the guitar, Charlesa looked at her with pride. For so long, Tai's fingers had clumsily tripped over the strings, but now she played the song with ease. Getting to this point hadn't been easy for Charlesa, either. She sighed, trying to bury the memories of all the screaming tantrums Tai had thrown. Once, she nearly threw her guitar against a wall. But now when Tai smiled, and the tune of "Sweet Home Alabama" floated out of the instrument, Charlesa smiled, too. It had been worth it.

Which of the following is most likely a theme from the story?

a. Playing a musical instrument is hard work.

b. Hard work can bring great rewards.

c. Friends shouldn't try to teach each other new things. 

d. It's ok to give up on yourself.

Hard work can bring great rewards. 


Tony arrived at his grandmothers house at ten o'clock at night. He saw her car in the driveway and the front door was open. The window was lit with a blue-flickering light. 

What was his grandmother doing?

a. She was reading a book. 

b. She wasn't at home.

c. She was sleeping.

d. She was watching television.

D. She was watching television. 


Jamie was excited because today was the day his family was going to the amusement park. Last year, he had not been tall enough to ride the rollercoaster, but he had grown two inches since then. This time, he would get to ride with his big brother and sister.

Whose point of view is this from?

This is third person point of view because the narrator exists outside of the story. 


It all started in 1904 at the Saint Louis world's fair when an ice cream vendor ran out of dishes for his ice cream. A man named Ernest Hamwi was selling waffles in the booth next door. He helped his neighbor out by making cone-shaped waffles that hold the ice cream. The rest, as they say, is history! 

What is the main idea from this passage?

a. The ice cream cone was invented in 1904.

b. They ran out of ice cream at the world's fair.

c. Ice cream is a yummy treat.

d. Ernest Hamwi made waffles. 

a. The ice cream cone was invented in 1904. 


 Headaches can be caused by changes in chemicals and nerves in your head. This sends a message to your brain that causes you to feel pain. Certain medicine can block these messages, which helps the pain go away.

What is the author’s purpose in this passage? 

The author wrote this INFORM the reader about headaches. 


Choose the best theme for this passage. 

One minute we were goofing around and having fun and the next thing I knew, Hank's body soared over the top of the patio and suddenly his life was in danger. With fingers grasped tightly on the railing, he desperately cried for help. I watched his grip slowly slip away and knew that a 40 foot plunge to the ground could be disastrous. Without considering to stop for my own safety, I jumped into action. My heart pounded through my chest and fear pulsed through my veins as I clutched his hands and pulled up as hard as I could.

a. It takes courage to face dangerous situations.

b. Hanging off a balcony can be fun sometimes.

c. People should only play around inside.

d. If you play rough, you should wear a helmet every time. 

It takes courage to face dangerous situations. 


What made you infer that Mr. Kirkbride and Ms. Jenkins are dating?

*This is what Mr. Kirkbride gets for letting Ms. Jenkins make the Jeopardy game! ;)

Possible answers:

-Both have been spotted together at football games.

-They make jokes around each other.

-Ms. Jenkins keeps looking at him.

-Ms. Jenkins helps make anchor charts for Mr. Kirkbride and grade papers.

-Ms. Jenkins is also very attractive. And who wouldn't want to fall for her?


I like to spend time in my tree house. It is in an oak tree in our backyard. Sometimes my sister and I will read books up there play games. 

Whose point of view is this from?

This is written in first person point of view.


The main idea of the book is "plants need sunlight to grow." Which of these is a detail that supports the main idea. 

a. My favorite kind of plant is a Venus Fly Trap.

b. There are many different plant species on Earth. 

c. Plants that get more sunlight grow taller than plants that sit in the dark.

d. Jessica sat in the sun and looked at her garden.

c. Plants that get more sunlight grow taller than plants that sit in the dark. 

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