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Multiplication rules

Jennifer wants to buy five packs of pencils. Each pack contains twelve pencils each. 

The total amount of pencils Jennifer buys...

What is 5 x 12 = 60?


Alfred and Quincy are selling hats. They sell a total of 5 x 4.

A way to describe this scenario...

What is Alfred and Quincy sell five boxes of hats that have four hats each?


What is Alfred and Quincy sell four boxes of hats that have five hats each?


The total number of pears in 2 boxes of 6 pears each...

What is 12 pears?


The first step to solving a multiplication word problem...

What is finding the information they give us?


Walter has four boxes of ten cards each. Anne has ten boxes of four cards each. 

The amount of cards they each have...

What is 40 cards?


Nancy has four daughters and three sons. Each one of her children have three kids of her own. 

The total number of Nancy's grandchildren...

What is 7 x 3 = 21?


A way to describe a scenario where Kira and Neva buy 2 x 8 shoes...

What is Kira and Neva buy eight sets of shoes which come in pairs of two each?


The total number of jewels in nine 9 necklaces with 3 jewels each...

What is 27 jewels?


Figuring out what they are asking you to find...

What is the second step in solving a story multiplication problem.


Mrs Write's class has six rows of eight kids. Mr Scott's class has four rows of twelve kids. 

The amount of students they each have...

What is 48 students?


Ana has seven bags that each hold twelve books. 

The total number of books she can carry in her bags...

What is 7 x 12 = 84?


A way to describe 5 x 10 as a story problem involving animals at a zoo...

What is five cages of ten animals each?


What is ten cages of five animals each?


The total number of patients in 11 rooms with 3 patients each.

What is 33 patients?


The name of the answer to a multiplication problem...

What is the product?


The family plan costs $4.00 for each person in a family of five. A group of three friends want to each buy a single plan which costs $6.00 each.

The group that will pay the most money...

What is the family group?

Katie has three cases each holding six cans of soda. Steven has one case holding twenty-four cans of soda.

Two equivalent equations to explain these scenarios.

What are the equations 3 x 6 = 24 and 1 x 24 = 24?


A story problem where Emi sells nuggets that explains the equation 10 x 10.

What is Emi selling ten orders of ten piece nuggets?


The total amount of cubbies in 4 rows of 8 cubbies each...

What is 32 cubbies?


Another name for multiplication

What is repeated addition?

Mr Robert's lemon tree sprouts thirty-four lemons in one year! The next year Mr Robert's neighbor, Mrs Louisa, tries to outdo him by planting three lemon trees which each sprout ten lemons. 

The tree group that produced the most lemons...

What is Mr Robert's lemon tree?


There are ten decades in each century. A decade is made up of ten years.

An equation that represents this statement...

What is 10 x 10 = 100?


A story that describes 7 x 12 in terms of picture frames on a wall...

What is seven rows of twelve picture frames each?

OR 0

What is twelve rows of seven picture frames each?


The amount of cars washed in 2 hours by a group of 8 girls who each wash 5 cars.

What is 40 cars?


How often this statement is true:

Each multiplication problem can be explained in a story problem...

What is always true?


Three cars each have a set of four tires. Five bikes each have a set of two tires.

The transportation grouping that has the most amount of tires...

What is the group of cars?

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