Stages of Recovery
Coping Skills
Recovery Skills

Identifying strategies to maintain progress and reduce changes of slips into relapse and old behaviors

What is Stage 5: Maintenance


Defined as "to focus on one's thoughts; reflect on or ponder"

What is meditation


-Uncontrollable craving for the drug -Loss of control -Use despite negative consequences - chronic, biological brain disease -Psychological dependence -Physical dependence

What is Addiction


1. People 2. Places 3. Things

What are Triggers


1) Lowered inhibitions 2) Decreased control over motor skills 3) Inability to concentrate and focus 4) Addiction 5) Heart attack; stroke 6) Liver failure; cirrhosis 7) Kidney disease 8) Blackouts

What are the consequences of alcoholism


You are aware there is a problem and you consider making change but you also reject making change

What is Stage 2: Contemplation 


Defined as "something you have passion for or something you like to do in your free time"

What are hobbies 


___________ is the fastest addicting drug

What is nicotine


A desire or dream you try to achieve in a certain amount of time, no matter the costs.

What are goals


Loss of coordination, changes in appetite and sleep patterns, decreases in concentration and memory

What are side effects of Marijuana Use

Engaging in particular actions that intend to bring change; this is where you begin to try to make changes in your life.

What is Step 4: Action


Trying to make your physical health and appearance better

What is exercise


Information or an emergency kit to help an individual from using again. This kit could include 12 step information, important phone numbers, healthy recreational activities to participate in.

What is a relapse prevention plan


Our brain learns by ________ and _________.

What is repetition and reward


1. Addiction 2. Respiratory failure 3. Vomiting 4. Death 5. Drowsiness 6. Reduction of pain 7. Diarrhea 8. Very uncomfortable withdrawal

What are effects of pain killers/opiates


Resistance to do anything and not ready to put in any effort or work

What is Step 1: Pre-contemplation 


Activities that done intentionally to buy yourself time and avoid relapse

What are distractions

________________ is the pleasure chemical in our brains that plays a major role in substance abuse and addiction

What is Dopamine


This person will help you navigate a 12 step program and is someone you can rely on is a time of need.

What is a Sponsor or mentor


Liver and kidney damage, blackouts, limb spasms, hearing loss and the loss of brain cells are consequences from abusing what type of drugs?

What are inhalants?


Admitting the need for change, asking for help, and starting to look at different ways to live

What is Stage 3: Preparation 


This is something useful to do, but most people don't like to do it if they want to solve their problems on their own because it involves being able to be vulnerable

What is Asking for help


The most commonly abused illicit drug across the nation

What is Marijuana.

It is the most commonly used illicit substance. This drug impairs short-term memory and learning, the ability to focus, and coordination. It also increases heart rate, can harm the lungs, and may increase the risk of psychosis in vulnerable people. Research suggests that when regular marijuana use begins in the teen years, addiction is more likely: 1 in 6 users, compared to 1 in 9 among adults. In addition, recent research suggests that heavy cannabis use that starts in the teen years is associated with declines in IQ scores in adulthood.


Examples of 3 common cognitive distortions

Magnification & Minimization, Catastrophizing, Overgeneralization, Magical Thinking, Personalization, Jumping to Conclusions, Mind Reading, Fortune Telling, Emotional Reasoning, Disqualifying the Positive, 'Should' Statements, All or Nothing Thinking


True or False: Marijuana has caused IQ’s to go down in students, and then the abilities lost are not restored once the smoker has quit

What is True.

The abilities are not restored once the smoker has quit.

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