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At what year did all the Skywalker saga MOVIES occur in the timeline?

The Phantom Menace - 32 bby 

Attack of the clones - 22 bby 

Revenge of the sith - 19 bby 

Solo - 6 bby (ish)

Rogue one - 0 bby

A new hope - 0 bby

Empire strikes back - 3 aby 

Return of the Jedi - 4 aby

The force awakens - 34 aby

The last Jedi - 34 aby

The rise of Skywalker - 35 aby


Name 15 Star Wars games

An extra 100 points if you name 20 in total

A lot of answers


Marka Ragnos spirit turned 2 Jedis to the dark side naming them dark lord of the sith. Who were they?

Exar Kun & Ulic Qel-Droma


Why does Ahsoka refuse to train Baby Yoda as a Jedi?

His bond with Mando is too strong


Why did the Jedi lie about Qui-Gon Jinns death?

Extra 100 points if you say what the Jedi told the public instead about his death

The Jedi told the public that Qui-Gon died while trying to leave Naboo (extra 100 points), but they never mentioned that it was bcuz of the sith. They did this so they wouldn’t cause panic about the return of the sith, bcuz even the Jedi themselves feared that there could be hundreds, maybe even thousands of them in hiding.


Name all the Jedis that spoke to Rey at the end of ep 9

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Ashoka Tano, Kanan Jarrus, Luminara Unduli, Qui-Gon Jinn, Yoda, Aayla Secura, Mace Windu, Adi Gallia & Luke Skywalker


Why did Bode betray Cal Kestis in Jedi Survivor?

After hearing about Tanalorr, Bode decides that the hidden planet is the only way to save himself and Kata from the Empire.


What was the Sphere of Defense of the Empire & who was the head of the sphere?

Darth Marr was the head of the sphere. 

It was one of the twelve Spheres of Influence within the reconstituted Sith Empire. Ruled by a member of the Dark Council, the Sphere oversaw the use of the Imperial Militaryin the defense of the Empire, sharing joint control of the military with the Spheres of Military Offenseand Military Strategy.


Why did Palpatine authorize the destruction of Kamino?

Extra 100 points for who he blamed it on

Palps did it to eventually replace the clone troopers of the former Galactic Republic with non-clone stormtroopers recruited from the Empire's populace.

He blamed it on admiral Edmon Rampart


How did Luke Skywalker obtain a yellow lightsaber & what happened afterwards?

After the loss on cloud city, Luke then went on a journey to search for a new weapon. To do so, he searched through an old Jedi outpost and discovered both the armor and a lightsaber of what once belonged to a Jedi temple guard. However, the unexpected happened. After picking up the lightsaber, he was haunted by the grand inquisitor that was banished to the ruins of the outpost by Vader. The grand inquisitor quickly attacked Luke and during their duel, Luke sliced of his hand and slash him across his chest, allowing him to escape. Luke would use this lightsaber for a short while before eventually constructing his new lightsaber.


Why did Yoda act so crazy when he met Luke?

Throughout his 900 years of living Yoda tricked students into believing he was frail. When he saw Luke for the first time he was afraid of how similar he would be to Anakin, so he acted different to test his patience.


Why did Luke Skywalker take the compass? (Don’t want the answer that he had it as a collection only)

Luke used the compass to locate the planet Ahch-To.


What did the spirit of Ajunta Pall tell Revan?

He told Revan of his actions as a Sith, with disappointment and shame, telling him of how the Jedi weren't what drove the Sith to destruction after the Hundred-Year Darkness. Pall explained how the Sith themselves battled each other and led their Order close to death and that he felt nothing but remorse. Revan removed the Dark Lord's blade and convinced Pall to turn away from the dark side and return to the light. After Revan took the blade, Pall advised him not to keep it, saying it was the blade that killed him.


Why was Kit Fisto a valuable Jedi in the battle of Mon Cala?

He could breathe underwater


What happened when Darth Vader tried to heal his own injuries shortly after the events of ep 5? (Why did the end result happen)

Vader entered his meditation chamber & tried to use the force in an attempt to heal his own wounds. As he the channeled his inner rage within the dark side, it actually started to work & after a few minutes, he started to see his injuries heal. However, this wouldn’t last for long. After seeing his wounds heal, Vader started to feel joy inside, which then caused the healing process to be interrupted, since he completely lost his dark side focus.


Why didn’t Obi-Wan use force speed to help Qui-Gon?

In canon, force speed had many benefits, but there was 1 downfall to using it. Once performed it had the chance to drain a lot of the force user’s energy afterwards, ultimately leaving them to be exhausted. If Obi-Wan would have used it he would get to Qui-Gon but he would be extremely weak. Bcuz Maul was a “sith lord” we can only assume that it was a risk that Obi-Wan was willing to take.


What happens to Felucia, after Shaak Ti's death in the force unleashed?

Its balance shifts to the dark side. The natives possess an innate Force sensitivity and without her they shifted to the dark side. Apparently Shaak Ti had been using her powers to keep the planet in check and maintain balance.


Who is Freedom Nadd? Explain 5 key points that happened during his life

He is a Jedi turned sith. 

Carved power which eventually led to him killing his Jedi Master. 

As a Sith he became the apprentice of Naga Sadow. 

Nadd eventually got so powerful that he saw Naga Sadow as weak and killed him

Freedom Nadd would lead an Uprising with the aid of King Ommin, Queen Amenoa and Warb Null.

Freedon Nadd would teach Exar Kun, a young Jedi turned Sith. Instructing Kun would prove to be Nadd's downfall, however. One day, Kun would recover the old amulets and gauntlets of Naga Sadow himself, using them to kill Freedon's spirit.


What were the nicknames of all members of the domino squad & on their final go the domino squad passed! But their trainer sabotaged their chance. What did he do?

Hevy, Echo, Fives, Cut-up and Droidbait

He took the grappling hooks out of their guns.


What was the disturbing trick Malak used to be “stronger” than Revan?

This technique was first used by the ancient Rakata to power their vast array of weaponry. By imprisoning captured Jedi in vats within the Star Forge, he was able to prevent them from becoming one with the force, allowing him to regain energy and heal wounds using the energy this generated.


How was Bid daddy Sheev able to defeat 3 Jedi Masters so easily?

After the Jedi confronted Palps, palpatine used a rare force ability called force scream. Force Scream was one of the more powerful force abilities, which is why he was able to break past them so easily. This ability affected both their focus & strength in the force and this is what caused them to just stand still & they didn’t know how to counter it.


What was operation cinder and why did big daddy Sheev do it?

Operation: Cinder involved using climate disruption arrays to alter the weather around the planet in order to create catastrophic storms that would wreak havoc on key inhabited worlds. Palps did it bcuz so that the utter fear and brutality would prove beyond a doubt to the galaxy that the Empire was still in charge.


What are the Leviathans and who is speculated to have created them?

The Leviathans were an ancient species of bioengineered serpentine creatures created by fallen Dark Jedi during the Hundred-Year Darkness. They were living superweapons and draw the life energies of enemy soldiers into blister traps that dotted their wide backs.

Some sources speculated that they may have been created by Karness Muur; however, Sorzus Syn took credit for their creation in her chronicle.


What is & what happened on Malachor? (Rebels)

At some point, the Sith were able to establish a presence on the planet Malachor, constructing a massive temple beneath its surface. This temple held a colossal kyber crystal that was used to power the temple. The planet was the location of a massive battle, in which the Jedi Order launched an all-out assault against the Sith. During the battle, the temple's weapon misfired and petrified everyone on the planet.


What was the invisible lightsaber?

(Name of Krystal, what type of crystal and what does it do to the lightsaber)

These lightsaber came from what was called the “ghostfire crystal”. The ghostfire crystal was a transparent crystal and was known as one of the rarest crystals throughout the entire galaxy. When placed into the hilt of a lightsaber, it created the blade to be both dim & translucent, making it almost impossible to see. Not only was it almost invisible, but it was also silent, generating almost little to no sound when using it.