7 years war

What were the beliefs of John Locke? 

What is Natural Rights.

acceptable answers: Limited government, political philosophy, life liberty and property, social contract, the right to revolution, religious tolerance 


What was the Tea Act of 1773?

What is taxes on tea by British. 

more info: East India Company traded with colonists for cheaper but did not believe it, so they dressed up as Indians and dumped tea overboard


What is another name for the Seven Years' War?

What is The French and Indian War.


Who warned that the British were coming?

Who was Paul Revere. 


What foundational concept did Montesquieu invent that we still use in our democracy today?

What is separation of powers.


What was the Sugar Act of 1764?

What is a strongly enforced tax on sugar, molasses, and other products imported into the American colonies.

more info:Approved by George Grenville in 1764 punished by British if caught smuggling- denied jury.


Over what region was the French & Indian War fought?

What is the Ohio River Valley


What was the reaction to the Townshend Acts?

What was 

1) Boycott and Protest
2) Resistance groups began to come together

3)Tension between the colonies and England escalated


What 3 philosophers inspired the American Revolution?

What is John Locke, Baron de Montesquieu, and (Jean Jacques) Rousseau. 


What was the Townshend Acts of 1767?

What was an act that taxed imported things such as led, glass, paper, paint and tea.

more info: Founded by Charles Townshend. Parliament levied new import duties


Which event is said to be the spark of the French & Indian War? Who were the key players?

What is George Washington and the attack on Fort Necessity.


What was the Boston Massacre of 1770?

What is (March 5 1770) when colonist gathered at Common House and threw rocks at British- British shot randomly killing 5 colonists. 


Which enlightenment thinker was a pioneer in the ideas of economy and wrote a famous book called The Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations?

Who is Adam Smith. 


What did the Quartering Act law of 1765 require colonists to do?

What is required colonists to provide housing (ie. quarter) to British troops in barracks and public houses. Colonists also had to provide them with supplies. 


What was the effect of the 7 years war on the colonies? Give 1 example

What was increased British control (trade, movement, military, taxes).


Who were the Patriots and what did they believe?

What is colonists that rebelled against the crown (British Rule). 

More info:

1) They felt they were not being treated fairly by Britain b/c they were being taxed without any say or representation in the British Parliament (ie. government).
2) They wanted freedom from British rule.


Who was the founder of the Methodist movement during the Great Awakening?

Who is George Whitefield


What were 4 important actions of the Intolerable Acts of 1774?

What was 

1) They closed Boston Harbor to all shipping until the ruined tea was paid for.
2) They placed the government of Massachusetts completely under British control. The Colonists in Massachusetts could not hold a town meeting without British consent.
3) British soldiers who were accused of murder were to be tried in England not in a Colonial court.
4) More soldiers were sent to Boston to make sure colonists followed the laws.


Name one of the three early wars fought in Europe by the French and British.

What is King William’s War, Queen Anne’s War, King George’s War.


Hard: What was the first attempt to bring the colonies together called?

What is the Albany Plan of Union