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What is another word for an inference?



What is another way to say "central idea"?



If something is supposed to be understood EXACTLY as it is stated, then it is...



When should you capitalize a word (list ALL the instances you can think of!) 

Beginning of a sentence, proper nouns, titles, course names, etc. 


True or false:

An inference is directly stated in the text. 



Define "central idea"

What a piece of writing is MAINLY about


If something is NOT supposed to be taken exactly as it is stated,  but instead is saying something ELSE it is...



Make this into all one sentence using commas:

He walked to the store. He bought some snacks. He walked back home. 

He walked to the store, bought some snacks, and walked back home. 


"Ms. Kinder sighed and looked at the clock. Class had barely gotten started! She could have cried right then and there."

How can you infer Ms. Kinder feels about the class she is talking about?

She is excited for the class to be over already lol


In the moonlit forest, a lone wolf howled, mourning the departure of its pack. Little did it know, a kindred spirit was listening, and the echoes of another wolf's reply filled the night with a promise of companionship.

What's the central idea of this short story?

The wolf lost his pack, but found another wolf that it will hopefully meet soon


She danced like she had two left feet

What is the author saying about the way the character dances?

It isn't good

Properly punctuate this sentence:

after the game she said i need a break

After the game she said, "I need a break!" 


Henry David Thoreau once said: "Rather than love, than fame, than money, give me truth."

What is an inference that we can make about his character based on this quote?

He prioritizes honesty over anything else


The Amazon Rainforest, often referred to as the "lungs of the Earth," is home to approximately 390 billion individual trees representing over 16,000 different species. Its unique biodiversity plays a crucial role in maintaining global natural balance.

What is the central idea? 

The Amazon Rainforest is important to the health of all nature across the globe and has a huge amount of different species. 


After the breakup, Jodie was pretty blue.

What is this sentence saying? Is it LITERAL or FIGURATIVE?

Jodie was sad after the breakup. Figurative.


Select the correct form of the given word:

The collection of stamps (is/are) extensive. 



As the protagonist carefully examined the ancient artifact, a single tear slid down their face. Without uttering a word, they traced the intricate carvings with trembling fingers.

How can you infer that the protagonist (main character) feels about the artifact? 

You can infer that they have been looking for this object for some time, or it has some amount of personal significance to them


Chocolate, originating from the cacao bean, has a history dating back to ancient Mesoamerican civilizations. Introduced to Europe by Spanish explorers, chocolate has since become a beloved treat enjoyed in various forms worldwide.

What is the central idea of the passage? How does it highlight the historical significance of chocolate?

The central idea of the passage is that chocolate is a very ancient and widespread dessert. It highlights the significance by stating that it is dated back to ancient civilizations. 

My brother is a walking newspaper, don't tell him anything you want to keep secret!

What is the sentence saying?

The brother tells everyone everything


fix the punctuation, capitalization, and grammar (keep what it's saying but make it academic):

even tho she didnt like greg she still thought he would be a good lab partner bc he was sooo smart so she ended up saying yea i'll do it

Though she didn't like Greg, she still thought that he would be a good lab partner because he was so smart. So, she ended up saying, "Yeah, I'll do it."