Author's Purpose
Author's Message
Father figure to Charolette
What is Vern and Ebeneezer
The author wrote Riding Freedom for this reason.
What is to inform the readers on the history of the real "Charolette Parkhurst"; to show the readers how YOU have the power to do anything that you want to do, just like Charolette, etc.... any similar answer that can be supported by the text.
The author likely wanted you to learn these messages from Charolette.
What is to Never give up your dream Fight hard and work for whatever you want to do Fight for what you believe in any other statement that is supported by the text
In the text, the author uses the word 'veering'. She wrote, "But veering to the left was a problem because she couldn't see much to the left." The meaning of 'veering' is...
What is turning or swerving off to that side or in that direction.
Filly, horses, petticoats- which is a historical cultural artifact.
What is a petticoat because it was specific to the 1800s and is no longer worn today.
This character can be best described as homely, big-eared and a great friend to Charolette.
What is Hayward
The author likely put the thunderstorm scene of the birthing mare at the end of the novel for this reason.
What is to pull together the beginning and the end of the story with the storm and horses. Horses were significant to Charolette at all stages of her life. -
The author placed Hayward in this novel to show the reader the following:
What is Everyone needs at least one really good friend in your life Even though someone is not attractive, he is likely a good person Friends are important and can help you fight for your dreams any other response that is supported by the text
The author uses the word 'hollored' a lot in the text. In one passage, she says, "He put his hat back on and cupped his hands around his mouth. I'll be back, he hollererd." It means...
What is to scream or yell loudly so someone far away can hear you.
Riding Freedom is an example of this type of genre.
What is historical fiction
The characteristics of Charolette that allowed her to be successful in obtaining her ultimate dream.
What is strong, hard-working, never gave up, strong-willed, learned from her mistakes, etc... any other characteristics that can be supported by the text.
The author put a character such as Mr. Millshark in this novel for this purpose .
What is to show us that even though there can be bad people in your life or bad things that happen to you, you can still be successful and overcome anything!
The author uses the orphanage to symbolize this for Charolette.
What is having no freedom, like in jail, or like being a slave.
The author uses the word 'reluctantly' to discuss how Charolette went to bed the night that Freedom was dying. Tell one thing you might do reluctantly.
What is go to a new school, attend a party where you don't know anyone, or any answer that can be supported by the meaning of reluctantly.
Charolette named the horses Vern's Thunder and Freedom for many reasons.
What is because Vern was such a strong influence in her life and he was strong and powerful like thunder and Freedom for her quest to be free and for the horse that passed away that actually led to her freedom.
The significance of Wiliam in the text.
What is helped Charolette to become the strong-willed and fighting character that later became very successful.
The author allows Vern to be a key aid in Charolette's escape to freedom for this reason.
What is because Vern was a slave himself and he escaped to the north so he fully understands how it feels to be imprisoned. He is anxious to assist Charolette because he knows how it feels to be a 'slave' and not have freedoms just like Charolette.
When the author wrote about Charolette's eye injury, it was likely to show the readers this.
What is even though something really bad happens to you, there are still ways to overcome and reach your dreams, but it takes a new way and a lot of hard work.
The author says, "I'm going to buy somethin' I've wanted- since I was knee-high". The significance of the words 'knee-high' mean...
What is that she wanted to buy property (her own land) since she was very young at the orphanage.
California represented this to Charolette in the novel.
What is more land, freedom, money, horses, voting, and women's rights.
This character is the MOST important individual in the entire novel.
What is ... any character that can be supported by evidence from the text.
The author was likely inspired to write this text for many reasons.
What is because she wanted to tell this powerful true story to children; she is inspired by Charolette's story, or any logical response as evidenced from discussions.
The author likley chose the title of this novel, Riding Freedom, for this reason.
What is because Charolette arrived at her eventual freedom by 'riding' her stage coach to get money which allowed her to finally get her own property.
The author used the word 'hitched' a lot in the text when she talked about hitching up the horses. The opposite of hitched could be...
What is unhitched, detached or any word that can logically be disputed.
Putting Mr. Millshark back into the story when Charolette was in CA was likely for the purpose of....
What is for the readers to get a laugh and so Charolette could get revenge on him for everything that he did to her.
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