Identity & Values
The Power of Choice & Peer Pressure
Emotions & Coping Skills
Friendship Boundaries
Conflict Resolution

Name 2 strengths you see in yourself and describe a situation where you noticed you using the strength.

Example: Miss Dom is caring, which is shown by her asking her friends, family, and students how they are doing.


Describe what "The Power of Choice" means to you.

Choosing the responsible and respectful decisions and not engaging in unsafe, disruptive, hurtful behaviors and activities.


Is it okay to feel angry?

Is it okay to show sadness, regret, upset, disappointment to other people?

Is it okay to express your feelings to other people?



How do you know when you've crossed another person's boundary?


They tell you straight up.

They begin looking sad, angry, uncomfortable, hurt, or upset. 

They leave the situation.

You get in trouble.

They stop being friends with you.


What is the difference between HELPING a problem and HURTING a problem?

Helping means it makes the problem better. Hurting means it makes the problem worst.

Describe what "identity" means to you.

It is who you are! :)


Someone just called you a mean name. What would you do if you didn't use "The Power of Choice" to control yourself? What would the consequences be?

Example: Get angry and say mean things back or hurt them. I would get in trouble and maybe lose something I care about.


What are coping skills used for? What are healthy coping skills and unhealthy coping skills?

Coping skills are used to deal with stressful situations and big emotions like angry, disappointment, sadness, shame and grief.

Healthy coping skills: playing sports, talking to a trusted friend, going on a way, doing art, counseling

Unhealthy coping skills: Punching someone in the face, destroying someone else's property, bullying another person


Describe a time when you witnessed or you respected someone's Joking Boundary. How did it make you feel to do so?

Very thoughtful answer! Thank you!

Respecting your friend's request to stop calling them a mean name. 

Is this HELPING or HURTING the situation?



Describe a part of your identity. (example: cultural background, religion, interests, roles)

Awesome, woohoo! Thanks for sharing!! :)


Describe a time when you stopped yourself from doing something you know you shouldn’t.

Wow, that's amazing! Look at you go!! :)


Describe a time when you felt sad. How did you cope with it?

Thank you for sharing :)


Give an example of an Exclusion Boundary violation. How can you make someone feel invited and welcomed?

Example: Letting everyone else join the game of basketball while leaving out one person. You can invite them to join the game instead.


Pushing, hitting, kicking, hurting someone after they cause you to feel angry.

Is this HELPING or HURTING the situation?

What is another way to respond to this situation?


Walking away to cool down and talking things out later when feeling more calm.


What is a value? Does everyone have the same values? Give 3 examples of values.

Value means beliefs and principles that you believe are important in the way that you live and work.

No, people have different values.

Examples: family, religion, kindness


What are signs that you are in a "peer pressure" situation?

A friend/person is asking you to do something hurtful, disruptive, or unsafe. They also might threaten you if you don't do it.


Describe a time when you felt angry. How did you express it? And how did you cope with it?

Great job! It's never easy feeling anger, but it looks like you know how to cope with it in a healthy way!


Jake loves being goofy. One day, all of the boys were playing together at recess making animal noises. Then after they got inside, Jake kept making the same animal noises, even when his friends stopped laughing and started ignoring him. What friendship boundary did Jake cross? How do you think his friends were feeling?

Silly Boundary

Example feelings: annoyed, irritated, frustrated


Your friend called you dumb during class. 

Using the following statements, how could you approach the situation?

"I feel..."

"Could you please..."

"When you..."

I feel...upset and hurt when you called me dumb.

Could you please...stop calling me dumb and other mean names?

When me dumb, it makes me not want to be your friend anymore.


What is something that your family values? Your friends value? And you value?

Example: Family values education. Friends value laughter. I value working hard in sports!


Name 3 things you would do or say to someone who is peer pressuring you to call the teacher "a fat camel" in front of the whole class. What is a consequence if you were to give in to peer pressure?


1. Say no

2. Ignore the person and sit in a different spot.

3. Stop being friends with this person

Consequence: Get in trouble by the teacher, principal, and parents, lose recess and lunch time, get suspended or expelled.


Name the signs you can trust someone to respect your feelings.

They don't laugh at you, tease, gossip, hurt you for sharing your feelings. 


Sam's team won the football game in PE. They beat his friends team by a lot. Sam said "We DESTROYED you!! I am the best soccer player in the world! Too bad you guys suck.

What friendship boundary did Sam cross? How do you think the other team felt? How does Sam feel knowing his comment hurt his friends?

Pride Boundary

Friends feelings: annoyed, upset, sad, frustrated, hurt, angry

Sam's feelings: guilty, regretful, bad


Your friend hits you in the face whenever you're playing football. They tell you.. "I feel hurt and angry when you hit me, which makes me not want to be friends with you anymore. Could you please stop doing that?"

What is a response that is HURTING the situation?

What is a response that is HELPING the situation?

Hurting: "That's not my fault you're a little wimp and can't take a hit. Too bad for you."

Helping: Thanks for telling me that what I'm doing is hurting you. I don't want to lose you as a friend. I'll stop hitting you.