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fastest player in nba 2k

Who is D'aaron Foxx?

The richest man in the world

Who is Elon Musk?


Number 1 lifetime grossed movie

What is the movie Avatar?

Known for being both brilliant and powerful, Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya lead the illustrious Shuchiin Academy as near equals. And everyone thinks they’d make a great couple. Pride and arrogance are in ample supply, so the only logical move is to trick the other into instigating a date! Who will come out on top in this psychological war where the first move is the only one that matters?

What is Kaguya-Sama?



Who is Drake?


The QB with the most rushing touchdowns in a season

Who is Cam Newton?


Most common surname in the United States

Who is Smith?


The number of Harry Potter Movies

What is 8?


The distant future: Humanity established the mobile fort city, Plantation, upon the ruined wasteland. Within the city were pilot quarters, Mistilteinn, otherwise known as the “Birdcage.” That is where the children live... Their only mission in life was the fight. Their enemies are the mysterious giant organisms known as Kyoryu. The children operate robots known as FRANXX in order to face these still unseen enemies. Among them was a boy who was once called a child prodigy: Code number 016, Hiro. One day, a mysterious girl called Zero Two appears in front of Hiro. “I’ve found you, my Darling.”

What is Darling in the Franxx?



Who is Kanye?


NBA player that led the points per game in 2016

Who is Russell Westbrook?


Least populated state in the U.S.

What is Wyoming?


The first Pixar movie is...

What is Toy Story?


On the way to their new home, 10-year-old Chihiro Ogino's family stumbles upon a deserted theme park. Intrigued, the family investigates the park, though unbeknownst to them, it is secretly inhabited by spirits who sleep by day and appear at night. When Chihiro's mother and father eat food from a restaurant in the street, angry spirits turn them into pigs. Furthermore, a wide sea has appeared between the spirit world and the human one, trapping Chihiro, the sole human, in a land of spirits. Luckily for her though, a mysterious boy named Haku appears, claiming to know her from the past. Under his instructions, Chihiro secures a job in the bathhouse where Haku works. With only her courage and some new found friends to aid her, Chihiro embarks on a journey to turn her parents back to their original forms and return home.

What is Spirited Away?



Who is Beyonce?

Who led the NFL in rushing yards in 2014?

Who is Demarco Murray?


This person invented the first practical telephone


"Everybody wanted to know what I would do, if I didn't win... I guess we'll never know!" said this

Who is Kanye West?


Natsuo Fuji has a serious crush on one of his teachers, Hina Tachibana, but since he knows he has zero chance of ever being in a relationship with her, he lets his friends talk him into going to a party where he meets Rui. One thing leads to another and then, well, neither of them is a virgin anymore. Unfortunately, it wasn't what they expected, but that's fine. They're just ships passing in the night and they'll never have to see each other again, right? Except when Natsuo's father announces that he's getting married again, Natsuo discovers that he's getting two new step-sisters as well. Now there's a problem, because one is his teacher, Hina, and the other is Rui.

What is Domestic na Kanojo?



Who is Rihanna?


The NFL kicker made the most Field Goals in 2022

Who is Daniel Carlson?


The minimum wind strength (Miles per hour) of a EF 3 tornado

What is 158 miles per hour?

Usher made a song about this woman after he got caught cheating

Who is TLC Chilli?


Otonashi wakes up in the afterlife to find out he has no memories of his life before death. Desperate to survive in a war that could yield another unfortunate fate, he joins the SSS in the battle against Angel, whose very mission is to destroy all inhabitants of this afterlife. As Otonashi struggles to recover his memory and learn more about this world, he finds that not all is as it had seemed.

What is Angel Beats!?



Who is P.Diddy?

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