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Finish this sentence. Know your limit............
What is Stay within it
What are the residence quiet hours?
What is 11:00 p.m till 7:00 a.m
Eating helps sober you up?
What is Myth -Only time will allow you to sober up
What is the major bus route that goes from downtown Ottawa to Algonquin college at baseline station.
What is > The 95
What are 2 different street names for the drug MDMA
What is >Molly >Ecstasy >M
List 2 things you should do before you start drinking?
What is > Eat a Meal > Drink some Water > Set a drink limit
Who should you tell before having a party?
What is > Neighbors
Beer before liquor never been sicker. Liquor before beer, your in the clear.
What is > Myth The amount you drink matters more than the type of drinks you consume or how you mix them. Drinking too much of any alcohol too quickly can make you sick, whether it's wine, beer, or liquor. No matter what you're drinking, pacing is key.
Within the last 30 days what percentage of students did not use alcohol?
What is 30%
Is Marijuana a stimulant or a depressant.
What is Depressant
List 2 things you should have planned before going out?
What is > Plan a safe way home > Have a trusted party buddy > Have phone charged in case of emergency
Name 3 signs of Alcohol Overdose
What is > Vomiting > Passing out > Lack of coordination > Cold Clammy skin > Slurred speech
Can you tell if drugs like rohypnol, roofies or GHB have been slipped in your drink?
What is > No They are mostly odorless, colourless and tasteless
What is the percentage of people who choose not to drink until they turn 21 ,that develop an alcohol dependency.
What is 9%
What is the major downfall when coming down off stimulant drug.
What is > Feelings of depression
list 3 types of things that will affect how many drinks it takes a person to get drunk?
What is > Amount of sleep > Tolerance > Whether you have eaten > Body weight
How many people are you allowed to have in you room?
What is > 6-10
Does alcohol warm up the body?
What is > No it slows down the heart rate and dilates blood vessels, which can make you feel warmer but increases risk of hypothermia
List 3 things you can do to help if someone is having a ‘bad trip’?
What is >Stay with them > Bring them to a quiet safe area > Reassure them of their safety
What is the danger of mixing a stimulant with a depressant ?
What is a depressant will decrease your heart rate where a stimulant would increase your heart rate. This could cause heart failure.
Name two places to go for information and help around substance and Alcohol abuse.
What is > Counseling Services > Health Services > Your R.A > Residence C.Y.Ws
What are 3 signs of a Classy Party?
What is > Greeted at the door? > Food Available > Insuring your guest get home safely > No peer pressured drinking
Puking helps you sober up and prevents Hangovers
What is > Myth Alcohol absorption into the bloodstream begins almost immediately, so getting rid of the likely small amount in vomit probably won’t make much of a difference—if you’re already at that point, there’s likely already too much alcohol in the body's system to escape that hangover the next day.
How do put someone in a recovery position
What is > *SHOW* On side, leaning on arm, propped up with knee and other arm. Keeps their airway open, prevents choking on vomit
What is the average percentage of purity in one gram of cocaine?
What is 20-60 % The rest is probably baking soda, corn starch, Vitamin C powder, sugar, talcum powder