All Saints Day
Name that Saint!
Patron Saints
Saints for College Students
This is the liturgical color for All Saints Day.
What is white?
I was wounded in a battle and captured by the enemy. I was burned at the stake for being a witch
What is Saint Joan of Arc?
I am the patron Saint of throat illnesses. A blessing with two candles around the throat is common.
What is Saint Blaise?
This is the patron Saint of oversleeping because we have all been there, done that.
What is Saint Vitus?
This is the reason we pray to the Saints.
What is the intercession of our prayers?
The term that describes Saints who are officially recognized by the Catholic Church.
What is canonized?
I was the first Christian martyr.
What is Saint Stephen?
I am the patron Saint of Catholic missions and helped form the Jesuit order.
What is Saint Francis Xavier?
This is the patron Saint of procrastination whose name is very ironic for such a cause.
What is Saint Expeditus.
This mystical body is the spiritual union of the members of the Christian Church, living and the dead, those on earth, in heaven, and in purgatory.
What is Communion of Saints?
These are two of the most important requirements that must be met before a person can be recognized as a Saint by the Catholic Church.
What is two miracles and evidence that the person lived a life of "heroic virtue"?
I am the first Native American Saint.
What is Kateri Tekakwitha?
I am the patron Saint of invincible people. Legend says that if you sleep in my tomb for a night, you become unstoppable.
What is Saint Drausinus?
This is the patron Saint of test taking whose most abundant prayer is for the exam to be curved.
What is Saint Joseph of Cupertino?
This is a prayer where we call upon many Saints that is said during the Easter Vigil and All Saints Day.
What is Litany of the Saints?
This is what someone is called once the Church begins investigating the cause for their sainthood, but before they are beatified (declared "blessed").
What is servant of God?
I was a nonuplet who formed a gang with my sisters after being abandoned by our mother. We broke Christians out of jail and also started a guerrilla war against the Roman Empire.
What is Saint Quiteria?
I am the patron Saint of fireworks. My father beheaded me for not entering into a planned marriage...but he was struck by lightning for it.
What is Saint Barbara?
This is one of the patron Saints of lost causes because one Saint couldn't handle all the prayers from college students.
What is Saint Philomena?
This professional sports team got its name for sharing a birthday with All Saints Day.
What is New Orleans Saints?
This is the least number of years that have to pass after a person's death before the person can be considered for declaration of formal sainthood.
What is five?
I was a mass murderer who killed my husband's murderers and their followers before converting to Christianity.
What is Saint Olga?
I am the patron Saint of cooks. While being roasted alive by the Romans, I cheerfully commented, "This side is well done; turn me over!"
What is Saint Lawrence?
This is the patron Saint of the internet and technology...and yes, he does exist!
What is Saint Isidore of Seville.
This is the name of the triduum that includes All Saints Eve, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day.
What is Allhallowtide?