More Phrases
More and More Phrases

This means the shortest distance between two points. 

What is as the crow flies? 


This means that a larger or more powerful something is, the bigger the shock will be when a setback occurs. 

What is the bigger they are, the harder they fall. 


Nothing eventful happened today, it was "________"

What is " Run of the mill" 

At the beginning of the school year, 4th graders play human bingo. Mrs. Feist hopes they are able to ______ by playing the game. 

What is break the ice. 


The Kansas City Chiefs are so good! Last year, they won almost all of their games. The Vikings on the other hand didn't even make the playoffs! The Vikings ______ the Chiefs!. 

What is can't hold a candle to? 


"Ivan! I had such a good day! First I was surprised with my favorite breakfast, then I found $20 on my way to school, then we had a surprise field trip!" 

Ivan said, "__________"  

" When it rains it pours"


This is the definition for go to pot. 

What is something that is ruined or lost due to someone ignoring it. 

This is the meaning of beauty is only skin deep. 

What is you can't judge a person's character by how good he or she looks? 


What is the meaning of Timbuktu?

 Used to describe a far off and unknown place


Collin and William are always playing together. They are in the same class and even hangout after school. What saying applies to Collin and William? 

What is birds of a feather flock together? 


"Nora, what do you want for lunch?" Mrs. Feist asked. "Option 1," Nora replied. "No, option 2. Actually, I think I'll do option 1," Nora said. "You sure are ____," laughed Mrs. Feist. 

What is blowing hot and cold? 


We were able to learn so much from that painting. I guess "_________" 

“One picture is worth
a thousand words”


"I promise to pay you back when I get my allowance," Noah said to Naomi. Naomi thought about giving Noah money to buy a soccer jersey but wasn't sure Noah would keep his promise. She responded, "I don't think so. I ________." 

What is don't count my chickens before they hatch. 


A person is clumsy and tends to break everything they touch. A person acts awkwardly or without manners when they are necessary.

What is bull in a china shop? 

George Washington had to get the army into "_____" to be able to defeat the red coats 


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