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This is the number one preventative agent for atherosclerosis.

What is a Statin?


Three common nerves and deficits if injured in Modified Radical Mastectomy.

What are:

Long thoracic - Winging of Scapula

Intercostal Brachial - Medial upper arm paresthesia

Thoracodorsal - Weak Arm Pull-up and Adduction?


Most Common Cause of Skin Graft Failure.

What is Seroma/Hematoma Formation?


Most common cause of adrenal insufficiency.

Withdrawl of exogenous steroids


This is the most Common Metastasis to Adrenal Gland.

What is Lung Cancer?


These are the most common congenital and acquired hypercoagulable disorders.

What are Factor V Leiden and Smoking?


Nerve Effected by over zealous intern in Carotid endarterectomy pulling superior retraction. Nerve and Deficit.

What is the mandibular Branch of the facial nerve and drooping of ipsilateral corner of the mouth.


Volume of LR a patient needs in first 8 hours with following Degree and BSA - patient is 50kg. 

20% BSA First degree 

40% BSA Second degree

10% BSA Third degree

4cc/kg x 50kg x 50 = 10L - give half in first 8 hours

What is 5L?


Infusion that increases HR and contractility with Beta 1 and Beta 2 activity.

What is Isoproterenol?


Localization study for pheochromocytoma if unable to see on conventional CT scan.



Define and what are the classic three clinical findings in Leriche Syndrome.

What are 1)Buttock Claudication, 2)Impotence, 3)Absent Femoral Pulses?


This nerve was injured by a less than careful resident and resulted in an elevated hemidiaphgram after 1st rib resection.

Phrenic Nerve

Bonus $100 what are the structures immediately anterior and posterior to this nerve in the thoracic outlet?


Gold Standard of diagnosing an infected burn - be specific.

What is a biopsy with >10^5 organisms.


4 basic diagnostic criteria for ARDS

What are 1) Acute Onset (w/in 7 days of insult) 2)Bilateral pulmonary infitrates 3) P:F ratio <300 4) Absence of cardiac etiology?

This Enzyme in the adrenal medulla is the rate limiting step in Catecholamine production. 

Tyrosine Hydroxylase

(Tyrosine, dopa, dopamine, NE, Epi)


Optimal initial Diagnostic and Treatment for Paget Schroetter Syndrome.

What is venogram with thrombolysis followed by 1st rib resection and anterior scalenectomy?

Your POD5 LAR patient complains he can not get an erection, this is the nerve you injured.

What are the Hypogastric Nerves?

Nerve of Erigentes - Retrograde ejaculation. 


Classic Complications of the following topicals

1) Silvadene (silver sulfadiazine)

2) Silver Nitrate

3) Sulfamylon (mafenide sodium)

1) Silvadene (silver sulfadiazine) - Neutropenia

2) Silver Nitrate - Electrolyte imbalances - hypoNa/Cl/Ca/K (Methemoglobinemia)

3) Sulfamylon (mafenide sodium) - Metabolic Acidosis (good eschar penetration)


This is the most common cause of Shunt physiology in the lung and results in this alteration of normal V/Q ratio.

What is Atelectasis, and a low V/Q Ratio?


Inhibition of TSH action on the thyroid with KI inhibiting coupling of iodide, resulting in less T3 and T4 release. 

Wolff-Chaikoff Effect


Three surgical options for management infected aortic graft.

What are 1)rifampin soaked Dacron 2) Extra-anatomic bypass - Ax-fem with fem-fem 3) Neoaortoiliac system (NAIS)?

Bonus $200 for absolute contraindication to NAIS.

These two inner and outer layers of nerves in the bowel wall aid in motility. 

What are Meissner's and Aurbach's Plexus?


Formulas for Caloric and Protein Need in Burn Patient.

What is: 

Protein - 1g/kg/day +3g x %BSA

Caloric - 25kcal/kg/day + 30 kcal x %BSA


Automatic increase in cardiac contractility secondary to increased afterload.

What is the Anrep Effect?

Bonus $200 what is the Bowditch effect?


This disease causes a woody fibrous thyroid that can involve adjacent strap muscles, physiologically resulting in hypothyroidism, treated with Steroids and thyroxine and may require isthmectomy/tracheostomy for airway symptoms. 

Riedel's Fibrous Struma

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