Astronomy and Mathematics
Medicine and Chemistry
Philosophy and Enlightenment
Government Change
Society and Change
Believed that the Earth was te center of the Universe. The Universe was made up of seven spheres, and God existed outside the 7th sphere
Who is Ptolemy
noted that the heart had four chambers, the liver had 2 lobes and that thte blood vesels originated in the heart not the liver
Who is Andreas Vesalius
Discourse on method. Things only exist because we believe they exist.
Who is Rene Descartes
A physiocrat who beleived that the state should not get involved in the economy
Who is Adam Smith
Thought that capital punishment was wrong, and that brutal punishments didn't stop crime
Who is Cesare Beccaria
Believed that the planets revolved around the sun in eliptical orbits.
Who is Johannes Kepler
Father of modern Chemistry, helped create the metric system, proposed that mass never changes even if shape changes
Who is Antoine Lavoisier
Developed the Scientific Method. Hypothesis, experimentation, and observation
Who is Sir Francis Bacon
Every person is born with a blank mind. The government's job is to protect basic rights and should have 3 braches
Who is John Locke
Believed that God was a clockmaker who put the universe in motion and then stepped back and let it run. People should be tolerant and against tyranny
Who is Voltaire
Wrote Principia Mathematica and developed universal laws of Gravitation and motion
Who is Sir Isaac Newton
Did dissections to learn about human anatomy but was usually wrong. Believed that circulation began in the liver and there were 2 types of blood in the body.
Who is Galen
What was the enlightenment
A philosopical movement of people impressed by the scientific revolution and the use of reason
The Social contract. Everyone has to agree with the will of the majority. Once the contract is made everyone has to live with it.
Who isJean Jacques Rousseau
An important meeting place where enlightenment ideas were discussed
What is a salon
Believed that the sun was near the center of the univers. All plantes revolved around the sun and rotated on their axes. Plantary revolutions were circular
Who is Nicholas Copernicus
said that the circulatory system carried only one type of blood and that arteries carred blood away from the heart and veins carried blood towards the heart
Who is William Harvey
Wrote the Encyclopedia to change the way people thought.
Who is Denis Diderot
Government should have a separation of powers and that there were 3 different systems (Republics, Monarchies, and Despotism) that worked for different sized nations
Whoi s Montesquieu
Name the three Enlightened Despots
Who are Maria Theresa, Catherine the Great, and Frederick the Great.
believed that teh sun was center of the universe, that all planets revolve around the sun, and that all planets have geographical features like the earth
Who is Galileo
Considered a philosopher because women weren't allowed to perform scientific experimentation. Believed that reason did not make humans superior to nature.
Who is Margaret Cavendish.
Wrote that women should have the same rights as men and the same opportuity for education and political involvement.
Who is Mary Wolstonecraft
The rights that Locke believed a government was supposed to protect
What is life, liberty, and property
Baroque, Rococo, and Neoclassical
What is forms of art and music that attempted to convey emotion
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