In the Bible
What is truth?
The Ladder of Inferences
Catechism of the Catholic Church
The Sermon on the Mount

Which 3 figures in the Bible sought truth by following the star to find Jesus at his birth?

Who are the 3 Magi?


Who is the source of all truth?

Who is, God? (Or Jesus)


What are the first 2 steps of the Ladder of Inferences?

What are "Available Data" and "Data Selection"?


Jesus says, "I am the _____, the _______, and the ______." Fill in the blanks.

What are, "Way, Truth, and Life"?


How many beatitudes are there?



What blind Biblical figure sought Jesus for healing and said, "Lord I want to see," which really translates to, "Lord, I want to know the truth"?

Who is Bartimaeus?


What is the 8th Commandment? (You must say it fully to answer this question correctly.)

"You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor."


What are the 2nd two steps of the Ladder of Inferences?

What are "Reasoning & Interpretation" and "Conclusions"?


The Catechism tells us that we are inclined to follow truth. What is the only thing that gets us off of pursuing truth?

What is, our weakness?


What does it mean when Jesus says, "You are the salt of the Earth"?

(Answers may vary)

Salt gives flavor (saltiness) to food; Christians are called to give flavor to the world, and if we lose our "saltiness" there is no way to get it back. If salt loses its saltiness, it is thrown away.


Where in the Bible does Jesus focus on teaching the truth (in a day-long lecture)?

What is the Sermon on the Mount?


What does it mean to "bear witness"? What does it mean to "bear false witness"?

1. To live by the truth and say what is true.

2. To live by what is false and tell lies.


What kinds of questions do you ask yourself during the 2nd step of the Ladder of Inferences ("Data Selection")?

What news sources do I listen to?

Are there other resources that would be valuable to listen to?

How do I form my conscience to know what is right and wrong?


The Catechism tells us that once we know the truth, we are bound to ________ .

What is "live by the truth" OR "adhere to the truth" (answers may vary)


In which Gospel did we study the Sermon on the Mount?

What is the Gospel of Matthew?


Which book of the Bible begins with, "In the beginning, when God created the world..." and describes how God speaks the truth?

What is Genesis?

Father Mike Schmitz defines "truth" with these 2 words. 

"What is"


Which step of the Ladder of Inferences asks these questions: "What is the right choice?" "What is the wrong choice?" "What are my options?" "Are there multiple options?"

What is "Reasoning & Interpretations"?


When Jesus stands before Pilate, he says that he has "come into the world to bear witness to the truth." Pilate responds with what question?

What is, "What is truth?"


Jesus warns us that we cannot "serve 2 masters." What does this mean, and how could it apply to your own life?

1. This means we cannot devote all of our time and attention and energy to more than one thing, and we should choose to serve God above all else.

2. Answers will vary.


Which book of the Bible states that "the Word became Flesh, and dwelt among us," calling our attention to the fact that Jesus is the Truth?

What is the Gospel of John?


In Fr. Mike Schmitz's video, he describes the two kinds of truth. Which kind of truth depends on its subject, so we can say that there is "my truth" and there is "your truth"?

What is subjective truth?


Out loud, follow the steps of the Ladder of Inferences to determine the solution to this dilemma:

Copying off of another student’s work: You totally forgot that your 5-paragraph essay was due today for ELA, and you haven’t even started. Your friend finished his, and you know that you might get away with copying what he has, but changing a few things. Do you do it, just to turn something in?

(Follow all 4 steps, and say the whole thought process out loud so we can all hear...)


Jesus tells us in the Bible, "Let what you say be either _____ or _____." Fill in the blanks.

What is "yes" or "no"?


Identify and describe at least 3 of the teachings that Jesus gives at the Sermon on the Mount.


The Our Father, Judging Others, The Beatitudes, Salt and Light, God hears us when we pray, The 2 Foundations, Revenge, Love Your Enemies, Serving 2 Masters, The Narrow Gate