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How many hours of sleep per night does a Middle school/High school student need?

9 to 10 hours


What is stress?

Feelings of tension, anxiety, discomfort, etc. Stress is your body reacting to a challenge or demand


What are some emotions or feelings you might experience during the school day?

Happiness and excitement (hopefully), anger, frustration, sadness, etc.


True or False? It is okay to touch someone without their permission.



Who is the most important person involved in your recovery?



Name a benefit of exercising.

Improved mood, strengthened body, increased energy, better sleep, maintain healthy weight, etc.


What are some physical signs of stress?

Headache, upset stomach, fidgeting, increased breath or heartbeat, illness, etc.


If you're feeling angry, what are some techniques you can use to help with those feelings?

Deep breaths, squeeze a stress ball, punch a pillow, yell into a pillow, perspective-taking, etc.


How can you start a conversation with someone at school?

Ask about their interests, ask an icebreaker question (like "Would you rather...?"), give a compliment, comment on something in the environment ("Wow, check out that cute dog on the sidewalk!")


What is FBT?

Family Based Treatment

The only evidence-based treatment for Eating Disorders that exists.


 Why is hydration important?

What is to regulate body temperature, keep joints lubricated, prevent infections, deliver nutrients to cells, and keep organs functioning properly.


How can you reduce feelings of stress?

Deep breaths, exercise, take a brain break, do a favorite activity, go outside, etc.


What is mindfulness?

Being aware of what you are feeling or thinking


How could you offer support to a friend going through a difficult time.

Gently let them know that you are available to them and want to support them.  Validate their feelings and ask if they are looking for support only or if they would like feedback.


What are important aspects of recovery?

Self-care, Self-compassion, Goal setting, Honesty and vulnerability, Open-mindedness, Relapse prevention, Willingness.

Utilizing coping skills, Seeking support/Asking for help


Name one consequence or effect of too little sleep.

Irregular emotions, can't concentrate, feeling sick, etc.

What can you do if you feel stressed about a school assignment?

Ask a teacher or friend for help, break the assignment into smaller steps, work for ten minutes then take a two minute break, etc.


How does writing relate to emotional health?

You can write your feelings in a letter or a diary as an outlet or form of expression instead of "stuffing emotions" or avoiding them.


What are some signs a person is not interested in what you're talking about?

They look away, they give short responses, their body is turned away from you, etc.


Why is journaling important?

It enables you to get your thoughts and feelings down on paper, analyze those thoughts and feelings, and then work through them in a healthy, holistic way.

Is also a healthy outlet to express emotions. 


Name one way to get better sleep.

Have a bedtime routine, turn off electronics 1 hour before bed, warm bath/shower, herbal tea (no caffeine), reading, etc.


What are some techniques if you're feeling distracted or stressed at school in general?

Hand-held fidgets, meet with school counselor or trusted adult, vent to a friend, etc. 


When feeling strong emotions, why is it important to think before you act?

If you're angry/sad/upset, you might hurt someone's feelings (or yourself)! It's often important to "practice the pause" before reacting or responding, especially when upset.


Billy has a crush on Shannon. He spends a lot of time staring at her in class. Once, he poked Shannon's arm with his finger over and over to get her attention. What did Billy do wrong?

Invaded personal space without asking, engaged in uncomfortable or unwanted behaviors


Who might be included on an eating disorder treatment team?

A Therapist, Psychiatrist, Medical Practitioner, Registered Dietitian.

Others that could be included: recovery coach, RN, Movement specialist, Peer support.

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