Physical Self Care
Emotional Self Care
Self Care
Relationship Self Care

How often should you brush your teeth, floss and complete hygiene (wash your face, change your clothes, etc.)?

Twice a day


True or False: it is ok to cry.

True! Crying can be a healthy way to release emotions and express how you are feeling.


True or False: Self Care is selfish and is a luxury.

NO! Self Care is a necessity!


What is one self care practice in your relationships you can use when you are feeling overwhelmed or have too much to do?

Learn to say No (nicely)


Name two ways that taking care of yourself includes food

-cooking yourself food

-eating food

-grocery shopping

-preparing meals

-eating with family/friends


Name one way you take care of your self that involves emotions.


-Reaching out to a friend


-Positive self talk/Affirmations

-Process emotions with self or trusted adult


True or False: Self care is a one time practice

False! Self care is an ongoing practice 


Name one way you can practice self care in your relationships (Friends, Family etc.)


-Set Boundaries

-Ask for help

-Be vulnerable/honest 


Name one consequence of not getting enough sleep

-limits your ability to learn/concentrate

-memory loss (memory storage is compromised)

-Crankiness (leads to aggression or inappropriate behavior that can affect relationships)

-Can worsen depression

-Muscle recovery/cell healing is impaired


What is something that is not emotional self care?

- Bottling up emotions

- Not expressing how you feel (in an appropriate way)

- Forcing yourself not to cry when upset

- Not taking a break or time to process 

- Yelling at someone when you are upset or blaming them for your feelings (only you control your feelings/reaction, if someone hurt you then communicate that their actions have upset you)


True or False: Self Care isn't always fun and easy.

True! Sometimes self care includes doing things that are good for yourself but aren't fun or exciting (like exercising when you don't want to or going to therapy or processing something you would rather leave alone)


When you take care of your self, how does it effect your relationships with others?

-Less conflict. 

-More joy. 

-Less isolation. 

-More connection. 

-Better boundaries.


Name two ways you take care of yourself that involves a physical activity.






-progressive muscle relaxation


Name one workable coping skill to use when you are angry.

-Take a break

-Rip paper (or something similar)

-Exercise/Using punching bags

-Scream/yell (in an appropriate place like outside or my personal favorite: Scream sing)

-Shower to cool off


True or false: Self care is just "treating yourself", including a full day of pampering and doing whatever you like.

False: Self care isnt always easy. While watching TV all day or eating and entire pint of ice cream is nice, I can lead to unhealthy habits or avoiding other self care


Name a way that you take care of yourself that involves friends or family.

-Spending time with them. 

-Calling someone when you are lonely or upset. 

-Sharing a meal with your family. 

-Inviting friends over for a party.

-Having good boundaries. 


Pantomime your favorite way to exercise!

Thank you for sharing!!


Use an I-statement to express how something/someone makes you feel!

I (what you feel or want) when (the event that evoked your feelings) because (the effect the event has on you)


Share your favorite type of self-care and a new one that you would like to try!

Journaling, talking with a friend/counselor/therapist, meditation, gratitude statements, riding a bike, going on a walk/run, etc. 


Role play (or tell me) an example of how to appropriately set boundaries with someone.

Best one wins points (1 person from each team)

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