Comprehension Questions
Elements of the Story
Odds & Ends

“A person, place, or thing,” said the class in UNISON.

a performance of actions done together at the same time


What experiences and interests do Michael and Victor share?

 looking cool, girls, movies, sports; they both picked grapes in the summer to make money.


What is the name of Victor's best friend?



Why didn't Mr. Bueller give Victor's secret away? A) Mr. Bueller had a similar experience in college B) He knew Teresa would figure it out on her own C) He could tell Victor would be a great student D) Mr. Bueller felt sorry for Victor

What is A) Mr. Bueller had a similar experience in college


Where and when does the story take place? What is the setting?

Fresno, California, the first day of school. St Theresa school.


“Yes, now somebody give me an example of a person—you, Victor Rodriguez.”

“Teresa,” Victor said AUTOMATICALLY. Some of the girls giggled. They knew he had a crush on Teresa. He felt himself blushing again.

Done without conscious thought or attention.


How does Victor give away that he is thinking about Teresa during English class?

Victor gives “Teresa” as an example of a noun


What is an example of internal conflict in the story?

Victor between himself: his heart and his mind.

One of Victor's goals for this school year is to A) learn how to speak Spanish fluently B) convince Mr. Bueller to tell a lie C) get Teresa to become "his girl" D) learn how to scowl
What is C) Get Teresa to become "his girl"

At the end of the story, Victor’s internal conflict is resolved.  He then decides to go to the library to:

check out three French textbooks


"The students squirmed in their chairs and ignored him, they were ANXIOUS to go to first period."

eager, wanting something very much, typically with a feeling of unease


What does Victor do when Mr. Bueller asks him to speak French?

He makes up words that sound French.


What could be the THEME of "Seventh Grade"? What does Victor learn?

Don't pretend to be someone you're not

Victor claims to be able to speak French in order to A) prove that Mr. Bueller is wrong B) persuade Michael to take French C) make a good impression on Teresa D) prove to himself that he can do it
C) Make a good impression on Teresa

Who is the author of Seventh Grade?

Gary Soto


"He had read a GQ magazine that his older brother had borrowed from the Book Mobile and noticed that the male models all had the same look on their faces. They would stand, one arm around a beautiful woman, and SCOWL."

frown in an angry or bad-tempered way.


Why does Victor think he is “going to like seventh grade”?

He is going to learn French and teach Teresa.


In the resolution of the story, Victor has an "Aha Moment" ("I suddenly realized...") when he: A) feels happy about the upcoming school year B) is embarrassed about lying to Teresa C) admits to Michael that he was lying about speaking French D) gets good advice from Mr. Bueller

A) feels happy about the upcoming school year


What is similar about Michael's scowling and Victor's pretending to speak French?

They're both lying, not being themselves.


Who is the PROTAGONIST in the story "Seventh Grade"?



On the way to his homeroom, Victor tried a scowl. He felt foolish, until out of the corner of his eye he saw a girl looking at him. Umm, he thought, maybe it does work. He scowled with greaterCONVICTION.

confidence in a firmly held belief or opinion

How does Victor regretfully respond when Teresa first says "Hi, Victor" at the end of class?

"Yeah, that's me," he says.


The climax of Seventh Grade happens A) While Victor is snooping on Teresa at lunch B) When Victor shouts her name in English class C) When Mr. Bueller doesn't embarrass Victor D) After homeroom when they're talking about the school year

C) When Mr. Bueller doesn't embarrass Victor


What is Mr. Bueller's role in the climax of the story?

He realizes that Victor can't speak French. He doesn't "call out" Victor to Teresa by saying he doesn't speak French.


What do we learn in the beginning of the story of where Victor would like to go visit someday?


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