Main Idea/Summary
Context Clues
Character Motivation and Character Development
Another name we use for Main Idea.
What is Central Idea?
Cliffs are not the only way waterfalls are formed. Waterfalls may also appear where the river flows over ground containing a hard bed of rock. The river WEARS away the softer rock on both sides of the hard bed. Once the hard rock is exposed, it forms a lege over which the water plunges. The word WEARS means___________. a. to have on the body b. scrapes or rubs c. clothing d. to last a long time
What is (b) scrapes or rubs?
The long hike up to the top of the mountain was extremely grueling. Does grueling mean loud, tiring, or easy?
What is tiring?

Kelvin found a wallet on the ground.  He opened up the wallet and saw an old woman's ID card.  Kelvin took the money out of the wallet and threw the wallet in a ditch. What motivated Kelvin to take the money and throw the wallet ? A. Avoiding Conflict B. Greed C. Love D. Anger

What is Greed 

The shelves were piled high with boxes of every size and shape. Each group had a different picture and different bright colors. There were so many people – men and women, mothers with little children, teenagers putting more boxes on the shelves. Some of the people were talking together as they chose the boxes and cans that they wanted. Jeff was having a hard time remembering which one to buy. He knew that Tooli wouldn’t be happy if he brought home the wrong brand! He also knew that Tooli was probably getting very hungry! Where was Jeff?
What is the grocery store?
Truman grabbed his fishing pole and tackle box and hurried down to the pond. Sitting down on the dock that jutted into the pond, he opened his tackle box and chose a blue plastic worm. Carefully, Truman worked the hook through the water and began working the fishing line. After five casts, a fish hit the line. Carefully Truman pulled back to set the hook, and began reeling in his catch. Truman pulled in the biggest fish he had ever seen in his life. He could hardly wait to run home and show it to his family. What is this passage mostly about? a. A day at the pond b. Fishing at the pond c. Baiting a hook d. Sitting on the dock
What is (b) Fishing at the pond?
Hiking is an activity that can be enjoyed by almost anyone. Many people ENROLL in hiking clubs or groups. They join these clubs so they can be around other hikers and learn from their experiences. A hiker does not have to spend much money on equipment. In this passage, the word ENROLL means________. a. quit b. travel c. become a part of d. stay away from.
What is (c) become a part of.
The conspicious man wore a purple wig and large sunglasses. Does conspicious mean...easily noticed, beautiful, or sleeping?
What is easily noticed?

" You were supposed to be her 15 minutes ago ", Raven said to her brother angrily. Raven rolled her eyes and noticed her brother was also dressed for the competition. " So you decided to compete ?" she asked and he nodded. " That's the brother I know and love !" Raven exclaimed with a smile across her face. Which explains how Raven's mood changed by the end of the paragraph ? A. Raved is irritated at the beginning but angry at the end. B. Raven is annoyed in the beginning but supportive by the end.  C. Raven is caring at the beginning but is heartless by the end. D. Raven is hurtful in the beginning but is thoughtful by the end. 

What is  B. Raven is annoyed in the beginning but supportive by the end. 

Jeff filled up a big bowl with fresh, cold water and set it on the floor. He brought out a big comforter and put it on the floor next to the low window. He opened a package, took out a big bone and placed it on the floor next to the comforter. Then he opened the window so that the gentle breeze could blow into the room. What was Jeff doing?
What is getting a place ready for a dog?
Minerals are substances in rocks that industries use to manufacture products. Unlike plants and animals, minerals are not alive. Most minerals are hard, and many of them have to be dug from under the ground. A practice known as mining is used to bring the minerals from beneath the earth's surface. Some minerals, such as coal, can be used in the form in which they are found. However, most minerals have to be changed in some way before they can be used. Oil is broken down into many valuable products, such as gasoline and natural gas. Which sentence tells the main idea of the story? a. Minerals used in industries are mined from beneath the earth. b. Minerals are found in rocks. c. Oil is broken down into gasoline and natural gas. d. Mining is the practice of bringing minerals up from underground.
What is (a) Minerals used in industries are mined from beneath the earth.
Heart attacks can be brought on by the pressures of everday life. Stress and strain at work, eating an UNBALANCED diet, smoking, drinking, alcohol, and taking drugs all lead to bad health. In this passage, the word UNBALANCED means__________ a. healthy b. heavy c. not healthy d. difficult
What is (c) not healthy?
I was so parched that I drank an entire glass of water in one gulp. Does parched mean hungry, thirsty, or sleepy?
What is thirsty?

It was gym class and the boys decided to play a fun pickup game of basketball, nothing too serious.  They weren't even going to keep score, until Clive insisted on it.  The game was pretty close, but soon Clive's team dropped behind a few points.  Clive pretty much lost it.  He started throwing elbows and fouling people.  He pushed one player who was attempting a layup to the ground. Then Clive claimed that the player was doing it for attention.  After losing the game, Clive punched his hand against the wall and cursed. What motivated Clieve to punch the all ? A. Money B. Respect C. Anger D. Acceptance

What is Anger .

Justin grabbed the leash and quickly put it around Tooli’s neck. He stormed out the door with Tooli coming right behind. He said, “Hurry up, Tooli. You’re always so slow.” Justin kept his head down and walked quickly down the road, not speaking to anyone that he saw. How does Jeff probably feel?
What is angry?
A mother rabbit is gentle when she cares for her offspring. Before they are born, she builds a soft padded nest in a hollow scraped under the grass or in a burrow between the large roots of a tree. She carefully shreds leaves and collects grass to line the nest. Then she pulls bits of fur from her coat to make a warm bed. When baby rabbits are born, they have no fur and they cannot see. Because of this, the mother rabbit never leaves the nest without covering it with more leaves and grass to protect her offspring. What is the main idea of this story? a. Rabbits live in nests or burrows b. The mother rabbit uses her own fur to make a warm bed c. Rabbits are gentle d. A mother rabbit carefully cares for her babies
What is (d) A mother rabbit carefully cares for her babies?
Frank was ALL EYES as he watched Coco the Clown perform his juggling act. Five, six, then seven multicolored balls spun in a circle around Coco's head. How was he able to keep so many balls in the air without any of them falling to the ground? In this passage, the phrase ALL EYES means Frank_______________ a. has more than one pair of eyes b. didn't pay attention c. wears glasses d. watched carefully
What is (d) watched carefully?
The delightful aroma of food cooking in the kitchen made my mouth water. Does aroma mean smell, color, or wealth?
What is smell?

"No way little brother guys don't bake said Luis as he watched TV. While Sebastian was working in the kitchen , Luis came in and watched for a few minutes. Finally he said, "Okay, where are the mixing spoons " as he tied his apron around his waist. " How did Luis's attitude change towards baking ? A. Uninterested to interested B. Concerned to disappointed  C. Happy to sad D. Motivated to disgusted 

What is Uninterested to interested

Lisa carefully examined the bug sitting on the leaf. She noticed that it had six legs and a hard shell. Lisa had never seen a bug like this before. She grabbed her magnifying glass and camera. What is the MOST LIKELY conclusion you can draw about Lisa? A. She is helpful. B. She is afraid of bugs. C. She is very curious. D. She likes to play soccer.
What is she is very curious?
Sand is made when rocks break into smaller pieces. Over a long period of time, wind, frost, and rain work against mountain cliffs and break off pieces of rock which fall down the mountainside. As the rock bounces down, it breaks off other pieces of rock it hits, and also breaks into smaller pieces itself. The water of rivers and oceans ruch against rocks, abreaking them into smaller and smaller pieces. The heavy ice of glaciers scrapes and grinds the rocks it moves along. the ice carries the sand it has made and dumps it in other places. All over the world, the ocean waves tear at the rocks along the shore, wearing them down until finally the rocks are so small they become what we call sand. What is this story mainly about? a. wind, frost, and rain b. Making sand c. Journey of a rock d. Beaches around the world
What is (b) Making sand?
Now that the oil wells had run dry, Michael's life had certainly changed. He was no longer able to LIVE LIKE A KING. He had to do his own work on the ranch, prepare his own meals, and take care of the house. It took him a lot of time to adjust. In this passage, the phrase LIVE LIKE A KING means_____________ a. married to a queen b. sit on a throne c. have someone else do all his work d. ruling a country
What is (c) have someone else do all his work?
Marcia is a novice soccer player. It is her first day of practice. Does novice mean professional, skilled, or beginner?
What is beginner?

Today was Kiki's first day at high school.  She was overwhelmed by the size of the building. As she passed by the fire alarm, one of the seniors struck up a conversation with her.  "Did you know that we have a fire drill today?"  Kiki said that she did not know that. The senior then convinced her that the principal was running late and that he would give her a reward if she pulled the fire alarm for him.  Wanting to make a good impression on the older students and the principal, Kiki pulled the fire alarm.  She was suspended for a week. What motivated Kiki to pull the fire alarm ? A. Acceptance B. Survival C. Greed D.Boredom 

What is Acceptance

Lauren looked at her watch, grabbed her books and ran to the bus stop. When she got to the bus stop, she realized she forgot her lunch. Lauren ran back to the house and grabbed her lunchbox. When Lauren got back to the bus stop, she realized she missed the bus. What word would best describes Lauren? A. playful B. disorganized C. worried D. athletic
What is disorganized?
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