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What is to do something very well?


This person forgets to think about the social situation and so puts his brain on auto-pilot. He doesn't really think too much about the choices he makes and reacts really quickly or without considering how his actions or words might affect others. This person often ends up really confused or angry because his quick reactions cause others to be hurt or angry or annoyed.

Who is the Auto-Pilot Reactor?


The first step on the road

What is what you do in the social situation?


You Know It, We Know It, Don't Blow It!

What is don't blow it by acting like a "know it all." The hidden rule when you have a head full of facts, tell your information in small pieces.


When we walk into a social situation, one of the first things we try to figure out are the rules of that particular situation. These rules are "unspoken."

What are the Hidden Rules?


At Face Value

What is to accept something (a choice or what someone says) because of the way it first looks or seems, without thinking about what else it could mean or why a person might be offering this choice (what is his motive)?


A person who takes the time to think about a situation but thinks their way is the only way. They forget to (or don't) consider that their choices affect others. This person just thinks about what they think is best or easiest or more comfortable for them.

Who is the Option Resister?


The second step on the road

What is the feelings others have about what you did?


Filter, Filter, Filter!

What is we don't always say what pops into our heads. It's okay to think what you want, but when it comes to putting it into words, use caution.

Whenever we say or do something in a social situation, we leave others with a thought or emotion. These feelings can be positive, neutral, or negative.

What is an Emotion Meter?


Bad Mouth

What is to speak very badly about someone or something?


This person doesn't want to think and instead really wants to rely on chance or the flip of a coin to help them make social choices.

Who is the coin flipper?


The third step on the road

What is how you are treated based on their feelings?


Boredom is just a part of being human - deal with it!

What is life, school, and people can all be boring sometimes.

Problems come in different sizes and not all problems require us to solve them with the same urgency or importance.

What is the Size of the Problem?


Behind the Curve

What is to lag behind, especially when in a hard place or during hard times; in an uncomfortable situation that you feel you have to deal with, but you have no way to get out of it?


This person use their brain to THINK and then figure out the social situation and use a strategy code to know what to say or do.

Who is the Social Thinker?


The final step on the road

What is how you feel about how others treated you?


When something is boring, you don't announce it but instead keep your eyes and body focused on the other person while your brain takes a super-quick break.

What is the Social Flip?


FBI-ESP (when we down-play our feelings in public so the people perceive us to be relatively calm even when we are upset!)

What is Feel it Big on the Inside but Express it Smaller when in Public?


Blend into the Woodwork

What is to behave in a way that does not attract any attention; hope that no one notices you?


A choice that is expected for that social situation.

What is Social Fortune?


A choice that is unexpected for the social situation.

What is Social Fate?


Take your problem's temperature

What is what you do when you put the problem into perspective and figure out the actual size of the problem?


What you can do if you end up on the Social Fate path

What is an apology?