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True or False: It is okay to get in someone's personal space.

False. Getting into someone's space may make them feel uncomfortable.


What can you say to get someone's attention?

Excuse me


I just burped loudly in the middle of a silent room. I should say ____.

Excuse me!


What is a hobby?

Something you do for fun 


It is okay to leave the classroom or home without permission.

No. This is not safe, your teacher and parents will not know where you are. 


True or False: An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain 



TRUE OR FALSE:  It is ok to look into someone's belongings when they aren't looking.

FALSE. It is never ok to go through someone else's belongings, especially when they aren't looking.


What should you do when you walk through door and someone is behind you?

Hold the door for them


Before cooking, after using the bathroom, or after touching anything dirty I should ____.

Wash my hands with soap and water


True of False: All friends have to like the same things.

False: it is okay for friends to share different interests with each other. 


Is it okay to be upset when you lose a game?

Yes, you can feel mad or upset when you lose a game. You should still be a good sport and  thank the other people for playing. 


True or False: The first oranges were actually purple

FALSE: The original oranges from Southeast Asia were a tangerine-pomelo hybrid, and they were actually green


What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Answer will vary


True or False: At School or work, after I go to the bathroom, it is okay to walk around the building before I go back to class or work.

False. It is your responsibility to return to where you are supposed to be.


How often should I brush my teeth?

At least 2 times a day.


What does it mean to give someone a compliment?

A compliment is when you say something nice about the person and it makes them feel good. 


You don't like the game that your friend wants to play. What should you do?

 Compromise - find a game you both like or agree to play your friend's game first and play your game next.


Fact or Fiction: 

Geckos lick their eyeballs to moisten them because they lack eyelids. (Fact! Most Gecko species lack movable eyelids and use their tongues to prevent their eyes from drying out, especially in hot, desert climates.)

FACT: Most Gecko species lack movable eyelids and use their tongues to prevent their eyes from drying out, especially in hot, desert climates.)


True or False: My friends are having a discussion about summer plans, but I am thinking about tigers.  I should interrupt them and start talking about my tigers.

False. That is an off topic discussion.  Try to pay attention the the discussion the group is having so you can join the conversation.


True or False: When I see other kids off-task at school I need to tell the teacher.

False: It is your teacher's job to keep everyone on task. You can only control your actions, not other people's.


I just got a papercut that caused my finger to bleed. What do I do? 

Tell the supervising adult.  Be sure to wash your hands with soap and water and then get a bandaid to put on your finger


True or False:  It is okay to hug or touch someone who is not family without their permission?

False.  You can hug and touch family friends when you first ask for permission and/or people your mother says it is okay to hug or touch.


You are out and about with a group of friends or the program. You are walking through a large crowd. All of a sudden, you don't see anyone you know. How do you feel? What can you do?

Stay calm. Call or text a friend you are with to see where they went. Find a community service adult such as a nurse, fireman, policeman, manager, and ask for help.

If you have a ticket, look to see what seat you are or have a worker help you find your seat by showing them the ticket.


True or False: Worms have eyes.

False! Worms do not have eyes


True or False: You want to talk to a  friend, but they don't respond the first time or second time you call their name. You should continue to call their name until they answer.

False - Think about why they might not be responding to you and then problem solve what you can do to gain their attention at a later time.


What can you do if you are feeling frustrated? Name two things.

-Answer Varies.

- Ask for help, take a break, take a walk, ask for a fidget, count to 10, take deep breaths, etc.


You want to ask your friend to go to the movies with you? What four pieces of information do you need to give them?

Hint: Think of Wh- questions! 

Who will be there?

When will you be going?

Where are you going to meet?

What will you be watching?


Name a hobby or activity you like to do for fun that you can do by yourself. 

Draw, read, write, dance, play an instrument, etc.


Should you go to a park with a kid you just met? 

No, this is not safe. Before going anywhere with someone new, you should be friends with the person and know them and get the permission of your parent.


True of False: China owns all of the pandas in the world.

TRUE: The pandas you see in zoos are actually loaned by China at US$1 million a year.

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