Pot Luck
Perspective Taking
Problem Solving

***Phillip wants to ask his mom if he can have candy, but she is on the phone. What should Phillip do?***

Wait for his mom to be done with her conversation


***You see someone fall down at recess. What are two things you should do? ***

(1) Help them up

(2) Ask if they are okay

(3) Get a teacher if the student is hurt


There is a new student in your class. How might the student feel and what are two things you could do to make him feel welcome?

Feel: nervous, anxious, etc. 

Do: (1) Introduce yourself

(2) Offer to play with him

(3) Ask him to tell about himself


Name two situations in which you might feel scared.

Accept any logical answer (e.g., seeing a spider , going into a haunted house, being bullied, etc.


Madison has to do her homework, but forgot what the assignment was. What is one thing she could do to solve her problem?

(1) Call a classmate

(2) Check her planner

(3) Check the class website


What are three ways in which you can show others you are listening?

 (1) Make eye contact

(2) Quiet voice / don’t interrupt

(3) Face the speaker

(4) Make on-topic comments

(5) Don’ t fidget


What does interrupting mean?

 Interrupting means when you start talking while someone else is already taking a talking turn.


Sarah’s best friend is moving far away next week. How do you think Sarah feels and what are two things she could do to keep in touch with her friend?

 Feel: Sad, upset, etc. 

Do: (1) Write letters / e - mails

(2) Call / skype

(3) Visit during school break


Name three things you can do to calm down when you are feeling angry.

Accept any logical answer (e.g., take a deep breath, take a break, get a drink, count to 10, punch a pillow, do something relaxing, etc.)


***Bill didn’t do well on his spelling test. What are two ways he can do better next time?***

(1) Study harder

( 2) Practice with a friend

(3) Double - check his work before turning in the test


Name two reasons why you need to cover a cough or sneeze.

(1) It keeps from spreading germs

(2) To not gross others out


***What are three ways to show good manners when you are at a movie theater?***

(1) Stay in your seat

(2) Don’t talk loudly during the movie

(3) Don’t throw food / make a mess

(4) Turn off your cell phone


***Joey’s little sister is turning 4 years old tomorrow. What are three presents she might receive?***

Accept any logical answer that would be appropriate for a 4 year old girl (e.g., dolls, playhouse, bike, picture books, crayons, etc.)


***Name three words that can mean “angry”. ***

(1) Mad

(2) Furious

(3) Frustrated

(4) Irritated

(5) Fuming

(6) Livid


Tony is late to school almost every day because he takes too much time eating his breakfast. What are two ways Tony could solve his problem?

(1) Get up earlier

(2) Eat less food

(3) Take food to school

(4) Eat on the way to school


What are three ways to show good manners when you are at a restaurant?

 (1) Use an inside voice

(2) Stay in your seat

(3) Don’t eat with your hands / make a mess

(4) Talk politely to the staff

(5) Chew with your mouth closed


Jason’s friends are playing a new game. Jason wants to play, but doesn’t know the rules. What are two things Jason could do to solve his problem?

(1) Ask his friends how to play

(2) Watch his friends to figure out how to play


Evan’s grandmother died yesterday. How might Evan feel and what are two things you could say to him?

Feel: Sad, upset, depressed, etc. 

Say: (1) I’m sorry about your grandma 

(2) You must have loved your grandma a lot

(3 ) Losing someone is hard


Name two words that can mean “sad”.

(1) Unhappy

(2) Upset

(3) Down

(4) Gloom


Kylie’s dog ran away. Name three things she could do to try to find him.

(1) Go look for him

(2), Ask people on the street if they have seen him / ask others to look for him

(3) Put up flyers

(4) Call the pound to see if the dog was picked up


What are three ways to show good manners when you are having a friend over?

 (1) Let them choose the activities

(2) Share your toys / take turns

(3) Offer them food/drinks

(4) Don’t be bossy


Name three words that can mean “scared”.

 (1) Afraid

(2) Frightened

(3) Fearful

(4) Terrified

(5) Petrified

(6) Alarmed


 Name two ways in which you can tell that someone is feeling mad.

(1) Furrowed eyebrows

(2) Arms crossed

(3) Mouth pulled downwards

(4) Red face

(5) Stomping feet

(6) Screaming / Yelling


Name two situations in which you might feel embarrassed.

Accept any logical answer (e.g., being called on and not knowing the answer, tripping in front of the class, etc.)


You are walking home from school and a stranger asks you to help him look for his lost wallet for a reward. What are two things you should do and why?

Do: (1) Decline / Walk away, (2) Tell an adult 

Why: You don’t know the strangers true intentions

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