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What is aggressive communication?

Not caring about the needs of others, just wanting to get your own needs met. Often times we accomplish this by being rude and disrespectful.


What are 3 qualities of a good friend?

Kind, honest, loyal, good listener, trustworthy, dependable, non-judgmental, empathetic, reliable, etc.


You see your friend in the hallway and wave to him. He does not wave back, so you think that he is mad at you and decide to start ignoring him. What is a better way to solve this problem? 

Ask him why he didn't wave to you, reason that he probably didn't see you since the hallway was crowded and forget about it. 


How can you show that you are listening to another person?

Eye contact, body turned towards them, nodding, responding to what they say, short phrases like "mhmm" or "yeah" 


What Does SNES Console Stand For?

Super Nintendo Entertainment System


What is passive communication?

Only caring about the needs of others and not our own needs. We may be quiet and reserved, not stand up for ourselves, avoid eye contact, etc. 


What are 3 qualities you would not want in a friend?

Mean, hurtful, dishonest, unreliable, bad listener, not empathetic, judgmental, etc. 


You tell your best friend something that you ask them not to share with anyone else. Later, you overhear your friend telling somebody about it. What is an assertive way to solve the problem? 

Confront your friend in a calm and confident way. Let them know that you heard them telling someone else what you asked them not to share and you do not plan to tell them anything else that is personal. Let them know you need some time to cool off.


How can you tell if somebody is not listening to you?

Looking away/at something else, body turned away from you, body turned towards the exit, appear "zoned out", short or vague response, facial expression does not match content of what you're saying


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What is assertive communication?

Caring about our own needs and the needs of others. Being respectful and confident. 


Where and how can you meet new friends?

School, sports, clubs/activities, work, etc.

Start a conversation, find mutual hobbies, etc.


You are trying to talk to a friend about something serious, and they keep making jokes and not paying attention. How can you assertively respond to this? 

Let them know that you are trying to have a serious talk and would like them to be attentive. Let them know that it is upsetting/frustrating that they are making jokes. 


How can you tell if somebody is upset?

They might be crying, frowning, body slumped or inward, quiet voice, avoiding eye contact, etc. 


In Minecraft, how do you make obsidian?

Mix water and lava.


What communication style is best and most effective? 

Assertive communication


What are 3 ways you can show a friend that you care about them?

Talk to them, listen to them, ask about their life, spend time with them, show them respect, respect their boundaries, share, etc. 


Someone at school keeps insulting you, tries to trip you in the halls, and makes fun of you to other people. What are examples assertive, aggressive, and passive responses?

assertive - "I need you to stop talking about me and harassing me, it's really not funny", let an adult know, etc. 

aggressive - "you better shut your mouth about me", implying you will become physically violent, screaming at him, etc.

passive - let it happen, don't say anything, etc.


How can you tell if somebody is angry?

Yelling, getting physically aggressive, being insulting, in a power stance, clenched fists, red face, sweating, etc. 


Which heavyweight boxing champion was the only one to finish his career of 49 fights without ever being defeated?

Rocky Marciano


What are 3 ways we can communicate without using words? 

Body language, tone of voice, facial expression, gestures, etc. 


Finish the famous friend pairs:

Spongebob and ___________

Batman and ___________

Han Solo and ___________

Mario and ___________

Ben and ___________







Your friend starts saying mean things about one of your other friends. This is making you upset, angry, and uncomfortable. What are examples of assertive, aggressive, and passive responses. 

assertive - "I really don't appreciate you talking about ____ like that so you can stop or I am going to leave the conversation"

aggressive - "shut up about ____!" insulting them, degrading them, etc.

passive - "yeah, haha, right?" agreeing with them, not standing up for your friend, etc. 


Describe what somebody's body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions would look like in assertive, aggressive, and passive communication.

assertive - confident body language, neutral/normal tone of voice, clear speech, good eye contact, neutral or happy expression, etc.

aggressive - threatening body language, clenched fists, invading space, rude tone of voice, loud voice, threatening language, intense eye contact, red face/sweaty, etc.

passive - withdrawn, hunched over, turned inward, slumped shoulders, worried expression, limited/no eye contact, quiet voice, not confident tone of voice, etc. 


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