Friendship Boundaries
I'm Overwhelmed!
Conversation Skills
How big is my Problem?
Your "personal space" is an invisible ________ that is around you.
You accidentally banged your cart into someone at the grocery store. You should ___________
say "Sorry."
Tell me something that makes you feel overwhelmed.
Any example
You get into class and REALLY want to tell Ms. Lewis about your weekend. She is running around trying to get ready for class that is about to start. Is it a good time to talk to her about your weekend?
No. She is busy.
You broke your pencil. How should you react?
Ask to sharpen it or get a new pencil.
If you are on a pretty empty bus, where should you sit? a. Next to the only other guy on the bus. b. In an empty part of the bus. c. Stand in the aisle.
b. In an empty part of the bus.
You are going to your friend Brian's birthday party. The invitation says the party starts at 3:00pm. What time should you get there?
Name your favorite cool down technique.
Listening to music, taking a walk, deep breaths, meditation, taking a break, getting a drink of water.
In the break room at work, everyone is talking about the big game this past weekend. You watched the game and want to talk about that one really cool pass. How can you jump in?
"Did you guys see that pass from ___ to ___? That was crazy!"
You can't find the chicken soup in the grocery store. How should you react?
Ask someone for help.
You go to your friend's house for dinner and notice he has a big "TRUMP" sign in his yard. You voted for Clinton and hate Trump. Can you still be friends?
Yes. Friends can have different political beliefs.
You are in the middle of class. You can feel that you have a really big booger in your nose. You should _______
GO TO THE BATHROOM and use a tissue to pick the booger. Also probably wash your hands.
Are you MORE or LESS likely to get overwhelmed if you are tired, hungry, or feeling sick?
MORE likely.
Your friend is telling you a story and you really want to say something, you should ______.
Wait your turn.
You walk into the kitchen and your mom is laying on the floor and is not responding when you call her name. How should you react?
This is a BIG problem. You should call 911.
Jason got a perfect score on his math exam. His teacher wants to move him to the advance math class. His friend, Lisa, tells him "Wow, you're such a nerd. If you go to that class everyone will think you're a geek." His friend, Ricky, says "Woah, great job! You will do great in advanced math!" Who is the real friend?
Ricky. Real friends support you.
Your friend invites you over to dinner. Right when his mom serves the food, you notice it's something you don't like. You should ______
Eat a few bites and don't complain or find an excuse to go home.
Do all cool down techniques work for everyone? EXAMPLE: If listening to music helps you cool down, will it help everyone cool down?
No. Not every cool down technique works for everyone. You need to find the cool down technique that works for you.
You're talking to someone at lunch. They keep looking away/looking around while you are talking. You should _____.
end the conversation.
Your friend is borrowing your iPad. You really really want to play a game on it. How do you react?
You can wait, or you can ask NICELY if you can have your iPad back.
Does everybody have to be your friend?
No. Sometimes, people are just not a good fit for us.
You've been working all day in the yard. You are late to meet your friends at the mall. You should ______
Shower really quickly.
When should you practice your cool down technique? Only when you are overwhelmed or should you practice it when you are feeling fine too?
You should practice your cool down technique all the time! If you practice when you are happy it helps you do it better when you are overwhelmed.
If you are talking with Ms. Lewis and she says "On Tuesday when we go to Second Harvest..." and you know she meant Thursday, should you correct her?
No. You may politely ask her when she is DONE talking, "Did you mean on Thursday?" if you are really confused.
There is a fire drill. How should you react?
Try to stay as calm as possible and exit the building.
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