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Safety/Social Skills

True or False: If I really need something, it's okay to show up at my friend's house without calling first.

What is False. You should always call before showing up at someone's house, in case they are busy or sleeping.


Cheese should be put away in the pantry or refrigerator.

What is the refrigerator


This is the distance from other people recommend during Covid 19. 

What is 6ft to 3ft? 


TRUE or FALSE It is okay to drink soda with every meal, as long as I don't eat as much that day.

What is FALSE. You should limit your soda intake and drink more water!!


True or False I saw my favorite toy in the store.  I should take it home with me without paying.

What is False. You will always need to pay for things at a store to be able to take it home.


TRUE OR FALSE:  When I arrive at someone's house, instead of sitting in the car and honk the horn, I should knock on the door.

What is TRUE


Crackers should be put away in the freezer or pantry.

What is the pantry


This is the amount of time required to wash your hands especially during Covid.

What is 20 seconds? 


This fruit is helpful for your heart

What is Citrus Fruit!  (oranges, lemons, grapefruit and limes). 


I like my friend a lot, but I am not comfortable with what he or she is asking me to do. It might even sound dangerous. I should do it anyway or tell my friend it's uncomfortable and walk away.

What is kindly let them know you are uncomfortable. If they still won't listen, then you should walk away. Anyone that loves you is going to respect you.


True or False When someone does not quickly respond to my question or email, I should repeatedly ask them until they answer.

What is False. They may be thinking of an answer, and repeatedly asking would be annoying and frustrating to others.


I packed chicken for lunch that I will eat later.  I should put my lunch in the refrigerator or in my desk

What is refrigerator


It's important to wash your hands after you do these things that can prevent the spread of Covid virus.

What is after you touch all surfaces, after being in public places, after you to go the bathroom, all the time as much as possible


True or false I cannot stop thinking about my trip to the park. I should tell everybody about it every time I think about it.

What is False. It is great that you are excited! You can think about it all the time if you want to! But, it might be annoying to your friends if you repeat the same thing over and over.


TRUE or FALSE. Many of my classmates are NOT following the rules at school. I should tell an adult. 

True!  Speak with your teacher about what is happening.   


If someone is different from me, and does things that appear strange like rocking back and forth or talks to himself, this is how I should react.

What is be friendly. Everyone is different, and that is okay.


True or False I am going to heat up a quesadilla with cheese in the microwave for (20:00) 20 minutes.

What is False. (:20) 20 seconds to (1:00) 1 minute may do the trick. 20 minutes is too much and may cause a fire.


It's important to wear this as much as possible.

What is a mask? 

When you go out, you must use a face covering (non-medical mask such as a cloth mask) in public indoor spaces, with some exceptions. This includes:

  • public spaces (for example, inside stores, event spaces, entertainment facilities and common areas in hotels)
  • workplaces, even those that are not open to the public
  • vehicles that operate as part of a business or organization, including taxis and rideshares

This is how many meals I should eat each day.

What is 3. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Small, healthy snacks in between are okay such as carrots or fruit.


My friend is smoking a cigarette and wants me to smoke one too.  What should I do? 

Say no and let your friend know he or she should not be smoking either. 


True or False It would be rude for me to ask friends to buy my lunch every day until I have enough money.

What is True. Every now and then friends like to help you out, but if you are ALWAYS asking your friends to do something for you, they will grow tired of it.


I bought some frozen chicken that I plan to eat next week. I will store the chicken in the pantry or the freezer.

What is the freezer


If you don't have soap available when you need to wash your hands, you can use this instead. 

What is alcohol-based hand sanitizer?


I should exercise

A. Once a month

B. 2-3 times a week

C. 2-3 times a month

D. Every hour

What is B.


I don't like the assignment my teacher has given me. It's way too hard.  What should I do?  

Raise your hand and let your teacher know you do not understand the assignment.   Ask your teacher to help you.

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