Social Skills
Social skills
Safety/social skills

If I don't like something that the student next to me is doing, it is ok for me to yell at them.

False. I can say to them in an assertive or just right way that I don't like what they are doing.


I wanted play with a specific friend at recess, but that friend is playing a game I don't like. What can I do?

My choices are to choose a different friend or to choose that friend and play and activity that is not my favorite.


Name 3 activities you can do alone

Play cards, watch TV, work on a hobby, video games, make phone calls to/spend time with friends/family, exercise, clean, etc.


True or false: It is okay to share my address with others.

False. Do not share your address with others unless your parents allow you to do so. 


TRUE OR FALSE:  It is ok to look into someone's belongings when they aren't looking. Explain your answer.

FALSE. It is never ok to go through someone else's belongings, especially when they aren't looking.

True or False.  I have fun playing the game I usually play at recess, but today I feel like someone is not playing fairly.  I can yell at them that they aren't being fair.
False.  I can say in an assertive or just right way that they need to follow the rules.

What makes someone a friend?

Someone that you like spending time with and likes spending time with you.  You usually have something in common or like/dislike the same things.


True or false: When playing cards or a board game, it is alright to be scream when you lose. 

False. It's okay to feel angry inside but not ok to scream. It is important to be a good sport and congratulate the winner. Remember it is just a game. 


What should I do when someone is talking to me?

Practice whole body listening. Eyes are looking, ears listening, brain is thinking. 


True or False: If there is an activity that we are working on in my classroom that I don't like, I don't have to do it.

False.  Even if the activity is not something you enjoy, you have to complete it before you can move on to a more desirable activity.


True or false: It is okay to talk about other people's families in a negative way.

False.  It is not acceptable to talk about others or theirs families in a negative way. To show respect, we only talk about them in a positive way. 


True or false: It is okay to share your food with others in school.

False. To keep others safe, we must eat only the food our parents provide. Other students could have an allergy or not be able to eat certain foods.


If I ask someone to play a game with me but they don't want to play, what should I do?

I can ask someone else, or I can see what game they want to play and play with them instead.


True or false. In school, if someone is saying unkind things to me or saying bad words, I should do the same thing to them.

False. In school, it is important to tell an adult when someone is doing something wrong so that you do not get in trouble too.


In school, if I do not like someone, it is okay to be mean to that person or say unkind things about them. 

False, it is okay if we do not want to hang out with someone, but it is not okay to say hurtful things. We must show respect and good manners. 


What qualities do you think make someone a “trusted adult”? Who are the trusted adults in your life?

Trusted adults make children feel safe, are good listeners and are helpful when the child is facing a challenge. It’s normal that this group of trusted adults may change as children mature and age.


Why is it important for others to have positive thoughts about me?

If they have positive thoughts, they will want to spend more time with me and like being around me.


True or False. I do not need to be respectful if it is someone that I don't like.

False.  I need to be respectful to all students and staff at school.


If someone bothers me, what should I do?

Tell a teacher, walk away, talk about your feelings with an adult you trust

True or False.  It is ok to talk to people that I don't know when I am on a gaming platform.

False.  I do not know that person and they are a stranger. It is not ok to talk to strangers.