Social Skills
Coping skills
Social skills
What can you do?

What might you feel if you lost one of your animals?

Sad, Grief


What can you do if your friend is mad at you for something you did to them?

Apologize, say sorry


What can you do if you are mad at your teacher?

Take a break, take deep breaths, positive self talk, etc.


Demonstrate how you would introduce yourself to a new peer?

Hi my name is ____, what is your name?


Someone asks you if they can copy your homework. What can you do?

You can explain you won't let them copy but you will help them understand the work.


How might you feel if your best friend is talking about the new video game they got and it was the game you really wanted?



Your friend is tattling on others a lot and others are starting to pick on him. What can you do?

Give them some advice to not tattle so much, Stand up for your friend, Explain the difference between tattling and telling (etc)


What can you do if you are feeling hyper and having a hard time settling down at school?

Take a sensory break, run around, take deep breaths, do a mindfulness activity, etc.


What would you do if you were nervous about going to a new school?

Find out if you know anyone there, talk to an adult, brave it and remind yourself you can do it, etc.


A peer asks you to walk to a store that is far away from your home, you know your parents would be mad, what would you do?

You can say no thanks or explain that you would like to hang out with the friend but that you aren't allowed to walk to the store 


How might you feel if you wanted to go out with friends and your mom said you couldn't go?

Mad, angry, disappointed, sad


What can you do if two different friends ask you to play with them at the same time?

Suggest that the 3 of you hang out together, hang out with one and then the other at a different time, politely say no to one, but schedule another time for the other, etc.


What can you do if you are feeling jealous of friends?

Talk to them about it and explain how you feel, be grateful for what you have, etc.


Somebody shoves you down at recess and laughs. What SHOULD you do?

Stand up for yourself by telling them that's not okay, talk to the teacher, stay away from them, etc.

Your friend tells you his pet dog ran away. What can you do?

You can ask your friend if he is feeling ok and ask him to play so to make him feel better.


How might someone feel if they have done something wrong and they know it was wrong?



What can you do if you are stuck inside during COVID 19 and you are feeling sad and isolated from friends?

Ask to video chat with friends, ask to meet a friend outside, call a friend, play video games online with friends


What can you do if you are feeling sad at home?

Cry, talk to a friend, talk to your parents, snuggle with a blanket, etc.


A friend was chatting with you and you just said something mean (accidentally). What can you do?

Apologize and tell them how it had made you feel.


Your friend is moving away and you feel really sad. What can you do?

You can make a plan to stay in contact over the phone and plan visits.


How might someone feel if his friends don't want him to join in the game?

upset, frustrated, mad


What can you do if your friend is sad because they did bad on a test?

You can sit with them and offer to help cheer them up


What can you do at home when your siblings are bothering you?

Take a deep breath, talk to them calmly and explain your feelings, etc.


You have a peer that keeps calling you on the phone but you don't want to be friends with them. What can you do?

You can explain that you like them as a person, but you just don't think that you two would do well being friends. Try to be honest and kind.

Your friend tells you that they have enough people on their team and you can't join them this time. What do you do?

Tell myself it's ok. I'll join them next time. Not a big deal.

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