When working on a group project it's very important that all team members work together, what is another word for this?
What is Cooperation?
Your parents are having a get together with friends at home. You are in your bedroom playing your music loudly. Your mother asks you to please be __________ and turn down your music because it is too loud.
What is considerate?
You are at the park with a friend and you see a baby bird who has fallen out of a tree. You and your friend decide to take him to a local vet so they can help him, this shows
What is Compassion?
You and your friends are hanging out at the mall. You see another group of kids from your school hanging out and as they walk by a young boy sitting on a bench they start calling him names and throwing pebbles at him, this is a form of
What is bullying?
You see an elderly lady crossing a busy street, as she crosses the street she drops a bag of groceries. You run to help her and pick up her groceries, this is an act of
What is Kindness?
You discover that some students have a copy of the test you should…
What is let the teacher know?
Your mom sends you to the store with her last $20 to purchase a few items. There is change left over, what should you do?
What is return the change to your mother?
You and your friend are at the park and find a wallet, you decide to turn it in. This is being....
What is honest?
Your friend had basketball practice last night and didn’t finish her homework. She asks to copy yours and you let her that is called
What is cheating?
You buy a combo at McDonald’s and the cashier gives you back $5 to much, what should you do?
What is return the money to the cashier?
A new student from Haiti comes to our school today and a student greets him. This is called
What is being courteous or friendly?
A new student has registered at your school today and he looks lost before the bell rings. What should you do?
What is ask him if he needs help?
There’s a boy sitting by fence alone looking sad. What should you do?
What is ask him to join you and your friends?
When your friend is telling a story and your eyes, ears, and brain are focused on them.
What is being a good listener.
You and your family are going to "Celebrating Diversity" at the Annual Fair this weekend. What would should you do?
What is invite your neighbors to join you?
When we raise our hands in the classroom, and not interrupt our classmates when they are speaking.
What is Respect?
Our caregivers assign us chores at home, whenever we do them, it shows that we are_________
What is Responsible?
You have been on the swing for a short while long, you realize that a younger child has been waiting for awhile. You call her over and give her your swing.
What is Sharing?
After school one day, you see and hear your friend arguing with a rival group, you go to him and encourage him to walk away.
What is being a friend?
The neighborhood park hasn't been swept in weeks, you organize a group of friends and go in and clean up. This is ________
What is being a community leader?
A Student gets an "F" on an exam but works harder the next test and receives a "B+."
What is Self Determination?
A tired mother comes home from her second job and finds the dishes are washed and put away.
What is Responsibility?
Jason gets hit by Brian's curve ball during baseball practice. Though his shoulder is swollen, Jason is later found laughing with the team.
What is forgiveness?
When you tell a joke or give a friend a compliment when they are having a bad day.
What is cheering someone up?
Beth's mom is moving to another state in 3 months due to a divorce. Beth, her Dad and Mom talked about it together.
What is accepting change?
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