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You accidentally get hit by a pen at school, what do you do?

It was an accident, tell them that it is okay, accident happen.


What can you do if your friend is feeling sad?

You can listen to them, offer support, try to cheer them up


Would it be appropriate to tell everyone at school about a personal problem at home? Yes, No or Maybe

No.  If you have something on your mind about home, find some time to talk to a trusted adult at school or home about your problem.  


You keep trying to do a school task and feel frustrated because it isn't correct.

Take a break and try again, take deep breaths, raise your hand and ask for help.


You don't understand the work you are supposed to do.  Who can you ask for help?

Teacher, parent,  friend, boss


What might you feel if someone you are trying to talk to is ignoring you?

Sad, confused, or upset


What can you do if your friend is mad at you for something you did to them?

Apologize, say sorry


What can you do if your teacher tells you to correct your work, but it makes you feel sad or angry that you did it wrong?

Ask if you can take a break/drink of water, take deep breaths, then tell yourself you can make the corrections. Accept the criticism that was given to you.  


True or False.  When someone says you did something wrong they are being mean.

False- most of the time when someone tells you that you have done something wrong they are only trying to help you.  


Your friend is moving and you feel really sad that you won't be in school together. What can you do?

You can make a plan to stay in contact over the phone and plan visits.


How might you feel if your classmate is talking about the new job she got that you applied for? 



People are picking on your friend at lunch because her shoes have holes in them. What should you do?

Stand up for your friend by telling him it is okay, and hang out with your friend.


What can you do if you are feeling frustrated?

Talk to a team member/friend, coach/teacher or parent.

Try using coping skills


Why is it important to stay on topic during a conversation?

 shows you are interested


You are sitting quiet at lunch break and a peer wants to talk, but you don't feel like it. What can you do?

You can say, "Can we talk later?" I don't really feel like talking right now. Maybe we can  another time. 


How might someone feel if they have done something wrong and they know it was wrong?



What can you do if you are isolating during COVID 19 and you are feeling like you are away from classmates?

Ask to video chat with friends, ask to meet a friend outside, call a friend, play video games online with friends


A co-worker/friend has said something that hurts your feelings. What can you do?

Tell them how you feel with a nice voice and explain why. Avoid yelling at them.


Sometimes we can have sad feelings. What should you do when you feel sad at your job or at school? 

Ask to take a break, give yourself lot of positive self talk, take deep breaths and talk to another adult.


A peer asks you to do something you know is inappropriate at school, what do you do?

You can say no thanks or explain that you would like to focus


True or False- you should never be angry

False.  It is ok to feel any feeling you feel.  But how you express those feelings has to be appropriate


You are having a hard time at work. The head counselor is prompting you to follow directions, but you are not listening. What is something you can do to help calm yourself down to get back on track?

Take deep breaths, Talk with staff about how you are feeling. 


What is the best way to deal with a girl at school who  won't stop talking to you.

Let the student know you can't talk now, as you are trying to listen to the teacher.  Ask them if they could talk more during lunch


What is bullying?

It can look like a lot of different things but it's when one person is trying to intimidate another person.

Physical: pushing, pinching, etc.

Threatening: "If you tell the teacher, I'm going to ..."

Verbal: use of mean or rude words


What are some coping skills to use when you are feeling stressed?

Take some breaths, exercise/walk at lunch, or watch a music video/movie, color. Takes deep breaths and sometimes draw.

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