Social Skills 1
Coping Skills
Social Skills 2
Social Skills 3

You accidentally get hit by a basketball in gym, what do you do?

It was an accident, tell them that it is okay, accident happen.


What can you do if your friend is feeling sad?

You can listen to them, offer support, try to cheer them up


What should you do if you want or need to go somewhere outside of the classroom?

Get the teacher's attention and ask permission.


You keep trying to do a math problem and feel frustrated because it isn't correct.

Take a break and try again, take deep breaths, raise your hand and ask for help.


You don't understand the work you are supposed to do.  What can you do to keep from getting angry?

Ask a teacher for help. Remember it's okay to not understand. Try not to argue. Listen to the teacher explain and then ask questions.


How might you feel if someone shouts at you, argues with you, and blames you for something you didn't do?

Upset, hurt, confused


What can you do if your friend is mad at you for something you did to them?

Apologize, say sorry


What can you do if you are feeling very energetic and having a hard time settling down at school?

Ask if you can take a break/drink of water, take deep breaths, do a mindfulness activity, etc.


Demonstrate how you would introduce yourself to a new peer/friend?

Hi, my name is ____, what is your name?


Your friend is moving away and you feel really sad. What can you do?

You can make a plan to stay in contact over the phone and plan visits.


How might you feel if your best friend is talking about the new video game they got and it was the game you really wanted?



People are picking on your friend at lunch because his pants are too short. What should you do?

Stand up for your friend by telling an adult, not yelling at the student. Play with your friend to help them feel better.


What can you do if you are feeling frustrated?

Talk to your parents, talk to your teacher; ask for a sensory or walk break.


Why is it important to stay on topic during a conversation?

It makes others happy, shows you are interested


You are sitting on the bench at recess and a friend asks you to play basketball but you don't feel like playing basketball. What can you do?

You can say, no thanks, I don't really feel like playing basketball. Then you can ask them if they want to do something else such as draw or play tetherball.


How might someone feel if they have done something wrong and they know it was wrong?



Why is it important to show respect?

People will want to spend time with me.

People will know that I am kind.

People will feel good around me.

People will want to play with me.

I will feel happier. I will have more free time.


A friend has said something that hurts your feelings. What can you do?

Tell them how you feel with a nice voice and explain why. Avoid yelling at them.


Somebody shoves you down in the hall and laughs. What is the best choice to make?

Tell them that's not okay, talk to the teacher, stay away from them, etc.


A peer asks you to do something you know is inappropriate during class, what do you do?

You can say no thanks or explain that you would like to focus